Dunno if I posted this here or not.

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  1. This is some pen art I did a long time ago.

    This isn't my best or most detailed by far, but I use it as an example of my art because it gives people an idea of what kind of stuff I do. Was looking through some old files and thought I would post it.

    Oh, and that's just a sheet of printer paper I scanned, done with some kind of random "gel pen"

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  2. Fuckin neat-o:hello: +1 for you sir or ma'am.
  3. nice, at the moment i'm sketching up a pic of the mushroom king smoking his pipe sitting in a moon lit shroomery forest. digging it, post more
  4. Very cool piece! :hello:

    How long did it take you?
  5. Thanks guys. I don't have a scanner at the moment or I would upload the other ones I have here. I'll have to stop by my parents and use theirs sometime soon.

    I can't remember exactly how long, but it was done in 2-3 hours of steady work probably, I recall that one being done pretty quick.

    Some of the more detailed ones take me up to 10 hours, also depends on how much I'm concentrating on it and if I know what I'm going to fill up all the blanks with before I start or not. That one has a lot of "dead space" is what I call it, like the areas that are just lines or dots and stuff, those go pretty quick.

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