dunno if eating a double cheeseburger will ever be the same again

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  1. So I was reading the letter to vegetiarian thread, and then I read one thing about someone craving cheese. Now all this time I'm eating a double cheeseburger from McDonalds and at one moment i stare at it. Then I realized I'm eating something that came out of a cows tits then like hardened and shit (cheese), put in between the meat of the cow.

    So then my thoughts were how this would be similar to a women's breast milk surrounded by her fat and yeah thats when i spit my food out...

    So what are your food-ruining experiences?
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    Eating franks is kinda nasty to think about too. Its like the left over shit no one wants in the higher quality meats processed into a penis shape.

    edit:steaks ftw!!
  3. But doesnt it taste delicious though?
  4. i'd realize that, then keep eating because that is meat in it's purest form.
  5. im like....so what people have been eating meat for thousands of years...im not gonna stop cause a vegetarian tries to make me watch a cow slaughterhouse video...lol.
    shit...i can eat a burger while watching one of those cow slaughterhouse videos...it dont even bother me lol. after u been to south america and see how they kill the farm animals u dont give a fuck nemore lol. btw this is how they kill them...they slit their neck and leave them their the whole day till they bleed out. lol. they make up all these fucked up noises.

  6. It wasn't so much thinking about the cow that made me sick as much as the cannibalism part.
  7. you shouldnt let people force their thoughts on you, vegitarians like that are assholes.
  8. what cannibalism...ur eating the cow...its not eating itself...UNLESS UR A COW-MAN-BEAR-PIG!!!!!!
  9. yea and thats all that matters to me
  10. dude, you're talking like you're cool because you dont mind seeing animals suffer. :/
  11. ugh, guys like you are the worst. no, hes not talking like hes cool, hes talking like a man, and a man in his natural form and enviornment may appear quite barbaric to people like you. does it bother you that i scratch my testicles in public?

    OP, i personally feel that humans should not be consuming milk and dairy products in general(but particularly milk) after breastfeeding. that milk is for the calfs, and our mommys make milk for us. and hey, look at asians, theyre mad healthy and whats the one thing not included in their diet? milk/cheese.

    ps: cool story ivan. ive watched my father ram an iron spit through a goat and then later on chop its head open and proceed to eat the brains. and im not kidding.

  12. lol......i do that too.
    EDIT: eeewww brains. i woudnt beable to do that.
  13. I love five guys burgers!!
  14. yeah brain tastes wierd...my father made me try it when i was younger and didnt tell me what it was...the taste alone made me gag.

    some people are real pussies when it comes to food though..i remember i had a friend over once and my mom was frying fish..whole fish, with heads and all, this kid started freaking out and said he had to go, lol.
  15. LOL @ THE FISH!!!! frying fish whole is the best way to eat it....you just dont touch the head.except the cheek muscles. those r good.
  16. I don't glorify suffering. and no I dont give a shit if you scratch your balls. I do too. Im not just a "pussy" because I don't want to hurt somebody/something else. I guess I'm just more sympathetic. If that makes me less of your vision of what a man is, that's fine with me. If I needed to kill something for my own survival, I wouldn't think twice about it. But if I don't need it, then I think I can sacrifice some taste to do what I feel is right. To each his own.
  17. You know what kind of foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds
  18. Who cares, dude? Natural selection. You win.

    Eat meat.

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