Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

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  1. Tickets went on sale today. I got mine. :weed:
  2. I've been burned on movie adaptations too many times, I'll probably wait until its streaming or more reviews come in.

    In the meantime, I can take a big nostalgia hit of my 1979 DMG and MM, I feel bad all these years later how roughed up they are, but then I think of the many hours of enjoyment they provided myself and others and think "they had a good run, and a proud career".


    Now that you mention a new movie coming out, I wonder if that influenced any of the summer "college for kids" camps at the local university, as I browsed the catalogue they all had several "introduction to D&D" type camps.

    I don't really recognize anything after 3.5 editions in the more modern forms, which isn't to say whatever edition its up to now is a bad game, just not the game I loved decades ago.

    Either way, was good to hear that a new movie is coming out, I'd have to believe it will be better than the last D&D based movie I saw.
  3. I remember Mazes & Monsters. I read the novel also. So far to date, the D&D films have been horrible. But this one looks amazing. The trailer alone makes it the best D&D film to date. :) And it was made by players with ILM doing the special effects, so I'm optimistic.

    Personally, I never played anything beyond 2nd edition.
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