Dumpster Diving tales

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  1. There are many reasons one may crawl into a refuse bin. I, myself, have pulled numerous furniture, electronics and other would be garbage off street corners. What is one man's trash is anothers' treasure right?
    Today I climbed into an empty trash can to retrieve a roach so that it wouldn't stick to the bottom on the can. I did this obviously to make sure there was no evidence of my being there, but never did I think I'd be inside a trash can to fetch a roach.
    Any good dumpster diving tales out there?
  2. I guess this is close enough. So me and my friends diecided we wanted to make a hangout in my shed to blaze and stuff so we decided we wanted a chair and a couch and a minifridge and maybe even a microwave. Like three days later my neighbor calls me about a nice leather chair that was being thrown out. It is so comfortable, I love siting in it while blazed.
  3. once i had to take a shit really bad in the car on the way up skiing so i did it in a KrispyKream box and it pure splaatter diarea, we threw it out into a dumpster and somebody was in there and i assume he was drenched in fecal material, not intentional but funny nonetheless

    ssc for life
  4. epicly huge movie posters were a staple of my room... all funded by blockbuster and the movie theatre
  5. i found a hd dvd player with 30-40 dvds, it was down town toronto and it was like a company that bought HD rights and i guess when Blueray fucked that shit up HD ideas where thrown out along with the hardware, so everything works fine the only problem is the box i took with the movies were 15 differnt tittles and 15 of the same titles, I still havnt watched them all HAHA
  6. wheres Swisher?

    he found a damn garbage bag full of plant trimmings and buds :smoke:

    the only time I get to look in dumpsters is when I go to my boat, and there is always some interesting stuff in there...

    come to think of it, there was a really sick rum bottle i could've turned into a bong... but that was like 2 years ago :D
  7. One time me and a friend were driving around looking through dumpsters at night.

    We ended up behind some strip mall which contained a Gabriel brother's and a music shop and some other shit. We were hoping for something inside the music shops dumpster, wishful thinking.

    So as we are walking behind all these huge buildings we're getting rill creeped out. It was dark, shadows were everywhere and nothing but woods behind us.

    So we walk around and find nothing in the dumpsters, disappointing, but on the way back we missed this alley kinda like a small niche in the building for trucks to go back in.

    We see something in the way back against the wall and we were crazy bored so we checked that shit out. We walked up on this 1 foot tall statue of the creepiest clown I had ever seen. What was it doing in the alley?!?!? I started to get all freaked out thinking about IT and stuff. So we high tailed it out of there.

    Then we get back in the car and my friends like look I grabbed the clown. WTF!!?!

    I'll never be the same
  8. back in high school, my buddy accidently threw away his retainer and the janitors had just thrown the trash out in the dumpster. but one of them, guy whos probably barely 5ft, agreed to go and look for it and the buddy who lost it, another friend and me watched. he hopped right in one of the big, multi-lid ones and started pulling out bags and looking through them. the second friend repeatedly regurgitated and emptied everything that had been in his stomach. the entire thing was absolutely ridiculous as the janitor was so short and he was hopping around a dumpster taller than he was ripping through garabage. the retainer was found.
  9. hope he washed it first
  10. yea, no way he was using that shit again til after he soaked it in whatever cleaner is used for retainers
  11. Wheres DJBenzo? He found a whole plant and is flowering it right now lol. He even has a grow journal lmfao.
  12. My room is like a freakin beer museum. I got beer memorabilia hanging everywhere. Courtesy of local convenience stores.

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