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Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. :D

    today going on the way into town i went behind blockbuster videos to seee what these wastful basards were throwing away this time...

    and i stood speechless at what i saw

    a fuckin TV!

    and under the tv was a DVD player, still in the box...

    after laughing appropriatly i proceded to pull them out from amist the styrofoam peanuts and cardboard.... only to get to the car realizing that theres 2 DVD players in the box!

    took them home, tested everything.. all works fine.... 1 of the DVD players wont let the tray come all the way out.. but that it.. practicially brand new condition TV.....

    TV: 24" mitsubishi... manufactured 1996 (retail: no idea, cant find it on the net, probably not sold anymore, i'd value it at maybe $10)

    DVD player: philips DVD726 (retail $80)

    DVD player: AKAI DVD200BL... DVD MP3 CD+G (retail $70)(although i think i saw it on sale somewhere for about $50)

    there you have it.... $140 worth of electronic equipment for free.... legaly....


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  2. Ya can't beat free. Nice find HJ. :)
  3. Good for you, dude! Someone threw out a big screen tv once and the only thing it needed was a fuse. Can't beat a free tv!!! Unless you have a free tv and 2 free dvd players! :D
  4. the philips (silver one) stop working, the powerswitch fucked up.... i'll go buy a $2.50 toggle switch and get her running again.... should sell it all at a garage sale:D
  5. I need to start hanging out behind Blockbuster! I could use a DVD player.

    Way to go HJ! :D
  6. nice one, anything free is always better.
  7. we got our lawnmower from the local dump...my husband brings home everything and tries to fix it...alot of the time he can..its amazing what people will chuck away...
  8. "Anything free is worth savin' up fer." -- from the movie "Escanaba in Da' Moonlight."

  9. me and my friend was out at the dump last saturday to dump some shit , and we came across some nice stuff

    and just as we was taking it to the car this securety guard came and took it all away and dumped it agian how lame is that!!

    we got this law that you cant take computers as they can contain sensitive infomation or anything eletric at all as these items might explode .......or something like that

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