dumbest thing you've done while SMOKING?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wizards, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. pretty self explanatory, haha when i was in 8th grade i got so high i thought a chip crumb was a piece of bud. and i hit it like 5 times before my buddy was like
    "dude you've been smoking a chip crumb for the past 5 minutes"

    never geeked so hard. :D
  2. i got so high in the 10th grade that i felt like gravity was sucking me towards the wall. and i told my friends i was in the fourth dimension
  3. tipped over the bong. ALL over the carpet -____-
  4. One time when I was in 5th grade I smoke 11 bowls of hash oil and got so high I though I was Morgan freeman. I miss elementary school.
  5. Ran away from a bush that I thought was a policeman walking towards our smoke spot.

    I was extremely stoned and it was the middle of the night, to be fair.
  6. Not lock my door haha
  7. Cashed a whole bowl on a wasp to get it High. :/
  8. found a rollie pollie while smoking with my friend and blowing all our hits on it and shortly after naming him jeffrey and creating a slogan " save jeffrey" idk why we laughed hard tho it was stupid af lmfao
  9. Stroke my bong, hoping if I pleased it, it'd let me hit it harder.
  10. Smoked some creeper in my shed and freaked out when I was trying to come outside then jumped back in like 5 times until I actually ran out
  11. Tried opening some girl's door down the hall from me with my key (I'm a university student on residence).
  12. First time I hit a bong in 9th grade I blew into it for some reason rather than suck... Bong water went everywhere and I blew the bud out of the bowl -__-
  13. Was very cross faded at the time and I thought my friends 4 door corolla was a 2 door car. So I opened the front passenger door reclined the seat forward then crawled into the back. Lol everyone had a good laugh.
  14. [quote name='"stayhungry"']Was very cross faded at the time and I thought my friends 4 door corolla was a 2 door car. So I opened the front passenger door reclined the seat forward then crawled into the back. Lol everyone had a good laugh.[/quote]

    Hahahahahahah funny shit!
  15. Back when my dog was a puppy my and my cousin were toking one night, and for some reason I opened the front door to look at something. I realized it wasn't a big deal and grabbed my drink and went downstairs. Like half an hour later I had a moment of fucking clarity...

    "Dude, my dog is gone."

    It was such a dumbass moment, when I looked outside I never closed the door...

    So we go driving around my neighborhood looking for him and we asked this older lady if she had seen him, she said no but she would keep an eye out for him.

    Finally we see this chick driving super slow and we say that my dog was in her car. So I go to get out of the car and my cousin kept driving.

    I fell out of this car going like 15 mph in shorts straight onto fucking asphalt.
    I was fucking hurting, but I got my dog back home safe:hello:
  16. Nothing super crazy haha, when I blaze I'm usually pretty aware. But in the 9th grade me and my brother got boxed our bathroom with two HUGE joints of some Purp, they lasted like 20 minutes. Then we left the first roach in there :eek: Haha, then like two weeks later(we totally forgot about it) our mom found it, right on the shelf lol, and swore up and down it wasn't there the day before. We blamed our sister, who smoked, and all was well.
  17. lmfao i remembered one, i was at my buddy's C and me and my friend C came over to smoke, i had packed C's 100$ bong and i set it down right next to the bed. and his coffee table is really close to his bed, he grabs a rag, and a coffee cup flies off the table and hits the bong dead center with the edge of the cup and it cracked the entire bottom.

    i was like what the fuck just happened? lol dumbass...

    and earlier my other friend broke his nice bong he got for 25 from a friend
    by rocking hard to death metal and flailing his arms, THAT SHIT SHATTERED EVERYWHERE. lol
  18. Well, for my birthday a few years back I had some friends over and we blazed. I was high as fuck, I go into the kitchen to grab my drink, but a jar of salsa was in front of my drink, and I was so torched I didn't notice the salsa. I just go to grab my drink, jar slides off the top shelf of the fridge, shatters on the ground and glass shards just fly everywhere. I was like oh fuck, guess I better clean that up. My friend comes in the kitchen and he's like "what the fuck happened in here? Dude, your legs bleeding!" I look down at my leg and blood is just flowing and running down my leg. I'm like oh shiet, I didn't even know I was bleeding. Guess I'm on one! My girlfriend comes in the kitchen after that and I was so torched she had to take me to the bath tub and clean my leg up.

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