Dumbest thing you've done stoned ALONE?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hmm was using my Ninja chopper and I put my hand in without removing the blade. Thankfully, I didn't lose any fingers and I experienced no pain for a few hours because of the cannabis :)

    I would imagine there are other things, but that is what comes to mind right now.
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  2. Once I was really really baked and, I went to brush my teeth and, then used my mouth wash. Then I went to reach for some floss and, knocked my mouth wash into the sink wasting half of it. :laughing:
  3. Went in the fridge took the juice out.. poured some in a cup, then happened to place my cup in the fridge instead of the jug of juice..

    I come back to the counter like “wtf, wheres my juice yo”.. since juice is still out just pour another cup.. when placing jug back in fridge i notice my cup on the shelf like “their u go u lil fucker”.. lol !!

    Happened about twice
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  4. Happens to me often.. high as hell forgetting what i went to kitchen for when i eventually get their.. lol
  5. This is a nasty one:
    I once had a really nice bong, no bong ever hit so smooth. Well since I got such smooth hits, I started packing bigger and bigger bowls resulting in a very high me. Sometimes when I'm really high I find myself doing more than necessary, in this case instead of just pouring out the bong water into the sink I decided to put it in a water bottle (because I didn't want my sink to smell I thought). It was probably right after I put my bong away my mouth got dry so I went for a sip of water. Well guess what water bottle I accidentally used to drink out of. :smoking:
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  6. Ever take a walk and you're too damn high to notice it and then you arrive back to where you were sitting and you find the seat empty and you're not there? And for about one second you doubt your existence? A bit of a buzz kill tbh.
  7. I didn't do anything but was super dumb.

    I was about 22, home from nightshift so about 8am, had the place to myself. I am tired so get supa baked, decide to have no tv on just sort of be alone with my thoughts. I start hearing a noise. It's getting louder. Like sirens and lots and banging. I think fuck, it's the aliens. (I don't even believe in aliens). I start freaking the fuck out scoping out the house making sure it's all locked up. Muster the courage to look out the window. It's the fucking bin lorries :mellow: what a tard
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  8. I got really high once and spent about $600 in one day at the mall, mostly on summer tops. I don't even wear most of them X3
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  9. Shit was selling waaay back then went up to 7/11 to meet my buddy. Got into the back of the wrong car and the people turned around and looked at me all confused haha. I than walked away to the right car. Man I was gone! I was like “bro pull off! I just got in the wrong car haha!”

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  10. Dumbest thing I ever did high was the other night I had a bottle of rum and had a few drinks from, thought it would be a good idea to smoke a bowl after. Then proceeded to finish off the bottle of rum.. Man I have never been so hungover in my life. Stupidest thing I ever done, and will now stop drinking....
  11. The last time I got high I tried to light my cigarette with a lotion bottle and then got mad it wasn't working and punched a tree thus dropping the lotion and the cigarettes.
  12. This Happen back in Jamaica when I was 16 lol. I was coming back from my cousins house where I got really high and it was night time.

    I started getting freaked out because I was by my self an thought someone would get me. So I started running lol and I went into someones yard and ran straight into a sign and got knocked out for a minute.

    I woke up and was laying in the grass and it scared me even more at first until I realized what happened.

    I felt embaressed really bad all the way home lol SMH!

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  13. I can imagine this. I have mental images lol.

    Oh when I got high and was with my ex I smoked a ton an then thought that the phone was tapped and told her if we held our breath we would be fine.
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  14. Lol yea Anni that's about the dumbest thing that ever happen to me I think.

    Lmao I would have been laughing so hard. You would be fun to get high with!


  15. I do insane things but I can justify them because I'm high. Lol or I'm just nuts but I'll go with the THC blame.
  16. Ok this was couple weeks ago. I was air drumming to an intense song when all of a sudden I smashed my hand through my glass coffee table and shattered it. Needed like 15 stitches...
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  17. Damn .... 15 stitches
  18. I was smoking a bowl outside one night and the cherry had gone out but I hit it like 4 more times thinking it was still lit cause my breath was visible:smoke:
  19. pissed in the refrigerator
  20. I was out one night high af dancing at a club. Was sucking on a lollipop and lit a cigarette at the same time. I’m right handed and had been holding the lollipop with that hand until I lit the smoke. I took the lollipop out of mouth with my left hand and went to have a puff of my smoke but somehow thought I had the lollipop still in my right and actually put my smoke out on my tongue!! Holy shit did I get the shock of my life!!

    Another time whilst having a joint I went to take it away but it stuck to my lips and my index and middle finger slid down and snuffed the cherry out. Jesus Christ that one was a shock too!!

    Edit: Hahaha I just noticed thread title says “alone” lol. Well I’m high and alone now hope that counts;)

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