Dumbest thing you've done stoned ALONE?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. lmfao
  2. Beagle bites huh? XD don't know where you're from but we don't eat those around these parts

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  3. Can't say that I remember too much stupid shit I've done stoned... Honestly probably why I enjoy smoking weed, I remember every other second of embarrassment from my life as if it was happening in this moment.
  4. Yesterday.... Pouring my bong water into the toilet, I was currating/narrating my thoughts to myself.... Forgot about the carb hole and poured water all over my foot and floor.
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  5. I've done that a few times

    Stoner at heart
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  6. Forgetting how do do basic human things. Such as breathing, drinking or walking. Having to think extremely carefully about why I have to breathe, and convince myself that breathing is a good idea...

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  7. I once took a bag of chips for obvious reasons out of the store without paying for it and when they came to me asking to get it back i started screaming and shouted get your own!
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  8. I did a similar sort of thing once. Drove to my mates place to pick him up so we could head off to another guys house to chill. As I arrived, he sent me a text saying he'd be "out soon". This gave me a perfect chance to smoke a little bit of my weed. I chopped up some bud and smoked a few bowls, and had the radio and heater running the entire time. My friend took a lot longer than he said he would, but I lost track of time. By the time he finally came outside, by cars battery had gone dead.

    Fortunately though my car has manual transmission (stick-change). Ben's street is a nice hilly sort of area. We sat in the car, let it roll down the hill and pick up some speed. Then I dropped the clutch and let the engine fight it's way to life. We were so happy that my car actually started :p.
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  9. I once took a mega bag of cheetos and forgot I hadn't payed lol
  10. Fell asleep on the couch with a bowl full of moon rocks, woke up in the am and as I sat up I noticed my shorts felt weird. Like stuck to something weird.

    Well the pipe dropped the moon rocks onto the couch and they got under me and well there's a big old resin stain on the couch cushion
  11. Working at a festival over the weekend, finished work for the weekends, had a bit of an after party, smoked a bit more than I meant to, wandered back to my tent high as fuck, then stopped outside my tent for a good minute checking my pockets for my house keys... before remembering I didnt need keys because its a fucking tent.
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  12. I was doing a video on ...something computer related ...dont remember, but I had propped my phone up to use as a video camera. I heard the notification tone for a text and spent about 5 minutes in a panic because I couldn't find my phone.

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  13. I thought I was a genius for figuring out 16 divided by 3 in my head. This girl I know claims to have slept with at least 16 guys and I was wondering how many dicks per hole. I confirmed the answer with a calculator and swore to become a mathematician.

    The next day I remembered how much I hate math.

    Edit: not 16 guys at once, but my stoned brain wanted to know if that were even possible. Not unless all 16 wanted to add an extra .3 dick to their dick.
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  14. I
    I was expecting the flashlight you were holding to be the phone:laughing:
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  15. Ah shit man I remember that movie from when I was a kid, always weirded me out.
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  16. Alone? I forgot how to tie my shoes. I woke up early for high school, about 5-5:30 depending on the year. I smoked a bowl and got dressed and put on my shoes. Because I am not the fastest person, I often had to rush to make the bus. I quickly tied one shoe as my mom yelled that the bus was here, so I ran out with the other laces tucked in my shoe. Well then I went to finish tying my shoe once seated on the bus(in the dark, mind you) and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't figure it out if my life depended on it. I spent 20 minutes trying to tie my shoe before I was finally successful.(and I ended up tying a different knot that I had never used in my life)
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  17. I tried walking backwards on one leg:GettingStoned:
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  18. Lol how far did that get you? :laughing:
  19. I moved a few inches in 5 minutes lol.
  20. Better than taking your first hop and falling on your ass! When I get stoned I'll sometimes walk funny just for the hell of it, but I usually walk to places for no reason and when my head clears I usually wonder what the hell im doing and where the hell i am:laughing:
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