dumbest thing you thunk wuz true as a kid

Discussion in 'General' started by lonelypothead, May 29, 2009.

  1. OJ Simpson was the creator of the Simpsons and teh stork
  2. "Lonelypothead can only hope to improve"
  3. God was watching over me.

    Actually I never believed...
  4. i dunno but it looks like you still got a few things to figure out yourself :eek:
  5. That typing purposefully incorrectly was cool. Or leet.
  6. may you please type that in English please?

  7. Don't you mean is? ;)
  8. I'm going to go with the whole Jesus thing.

  9. Once in a while when I was a kid I'd accidentally flip off the sky and thought it meant I was flipping off God, so I'd flip off Satan to even things out.

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    i use to think george washington was our president till i was like 8
  11. that pot was bad for you :smoking:
  12. i thought the same thing, about the simpson.
  13. Why would you flip off god?
  14. Hah me too, I thought it would make me see shit and I could get cancer from it :confused:Stupid health class....
  15. When i was little they gave us those coffee stirring straws, passed them out 1 to everyone and said breath through this, this is how it feels to breath if you smoke marijuana...
  16. thunk and wuz were words.
  17. Bunch of grammer nazis ... jk ;) .

    I would have to say santa clause . My mind was blown when I found the shopping receipts in my moms closet :eek: . I guess the whole god thing was pretty crazy too .

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