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Dumbest Stoner ever? Yea me!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingTech, May 4, 2011.

  1. Ok so I had a total stoner moment today. I was out working between a couple of clients, it is a slow day with not much going on. So while driving I pull out my little pipe that looks like a cigarette and start smoking. I decide I need to find somewhere to stop for a half hour or so and have a little smoke break.

    This area I am working in is very industrial, with lots of backroads that lead to plants and such. Well I have always seen this brightly painted building in the distance and decided to go find it and park there for a few. That is just what I did too.

    Well, as I sat there in the outer parking lot, by some trees, smoking... I happen to notice that this place has an unusually large number of black cars, cars with DARK tinted windows. Kinda odd I think to myself..not really thinking too deeply on the matter. I see a few cars come and go, some looking my way, but no obvious stares or anything.. But I just can't seem to shake that spider sense kinda feeling.

    Then I look up at the building itself, which oddly enough I had not paid much attention to, even with it's bright paint job...

    Boy am i a dumb ass
  2. lol they were probably just watching you on camera laughing... wtf is this guy doing??
  3. When you tell this story again, leave out the bit where you didn't realize it was an FBI building until the end.

    Like a boss.
  4. +rep man u deserve it lmao
  5. so they didn't bust you for smoking marijuana on FBI premises? lol nice one broooo :wave:
  6. I would hope federal agents would have better things to do than bust you, even if you are smoking on their front door.
  7. That makes you a champ to me lol, not just a stupid stoner.
  8. Ballin. Toked up outside a FBI building. That's one to remember
  9. LMAO! Sounds like you were pretty close to being on one of those dumb criminals news segments, like the guy who called 911 to ask about his home grow op.

  10. Did you just pull that out of your ass or did it happen? :D
  11. Kinda awesome and dumb rolled into one!
  12. Not saying you made it up or anything, but the whole part about all the black cars with the dark black tinted windows part is kinda fishy. Only in GTA are all the FBI cars blacked out like that. The FBI rolls in allllll sorts of whips. Otherwise you would know they were coming!!

    Anyway, if you really smoked in front of the FBI, be careful..... your car is probably being tracked every day now.

    Only kidding..... or am I?

    Strawberry cough is amazing.
  13. Yea, I am sure they have much better to do than bust me... But damn I felt like a dumbass!!

    At least I was in the company car... And this is the last week I am with the company! :)
  14. If they have a car parking outside for a few minutes then driving away quickly they're gonna be suspicious, but probable of terrorism etc.
    You're being watched man, run, run for the hills
  15. #20 KingTech, May 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Lol!! Hardly! Once they realize that almost all of my neighbors are cops, they I'll likely assume I am just a dumb ass! :)

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