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Dumbest Shit Ive Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kush&sluts, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I really do not to judge people, but where I'm from in Canada, there's a new trend going around, and it's called "poppers". Where you take a metal pen tube, use it as a stem and bowl for a water bottle bong. Tear off a half inch of a cigarette, put it in the tube near the top, then fill the rest with weed. And smoke the whole thing at once. It's dumb as shit, and I'm not sure why it's so popular.

  2. i know man i see it everywhere i go, its so stupid I always get offered them.
  3. Doesn't sound bad if you smoke tobacco.
  4. not sure where you're from in Canada but i'm in Canada and poppers are big around me too. But yours sounds way more ghetto, around here we have metal popper pieces or glass ones. They are big because of the headrush, it fees great.
  5. They are around me too, I hate em, wont toke one even if offered, fuck tobacco.
    Completely taints the pure weed imo, plus half the people roast their poppers to shit or pull them through way too soon, wasting weed.
    Theyre popular because people get completely addicted to the headrush, like some people cant smoke weed anymore without it being in a popper, makes me sick.
  6. That sounds disgusting dudees imo lol

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  7. Idk man but when I visited Ottawa, all we did was smoke doobies and watch the sunrise. 
  8. it's not new man, humans have been doing that for 20+ years

    i used to smoke poppers daily in high school but nowadays i would never tarnish this kush with tobacco
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    Don't smoke em then. :confused_2:  I mean fuck I wouldn't turn down some trees just because of some tobacco, but I smoke cigs so I'm cool with it. But I wouldn't do that with my own stash.
  10. I can smoke a joint with some tobacco, but I cant fucking stand smoking weed/tobacco out of a bowl..especially bongs.  The tobacco completely overwhelms me like that
  11. If someone takes poppers in the UK its usually a drug that makes your ass hole muscles relax for anal/ gay sex :S
  12. I used to mix tobacco with all my weed and we call those "mokeys".  But, people do those where I'm from as well.  I'd rather just smoke a mokey if I was going to mix them.  I quit mixing my weed with tobacco all together except for rolling spliffs.  I've found that it ruins your high all together though.  It gives you a nice head buzz for 15 minutes, but once that's done all of the euphoria from the thc is gone and you're stuck in the "come-down" state.  Also when I was doing these I'd have to smoke an eighth a day because I was so addicted to getting that head high.
  13. You just described a few different things that happen here in the states all the time. 
    First off, Ghetto bong. Haven't we all done what we could to make a bong? I used a large plastic Dr. Pepper bottle, my Local Police Station Pen Tube, and a metal drill socket. That is what I smoked weed out of for a while. 
    Then, mixing Tobacco and weed together? That's called a Zorb, at least from where I come from. If you already smoke tobacco, then a Zorb isn't that damaging or even that bad at all. Zorbs can be fun honestly, but not something I do every day. 
  14. I did my first one in 1993 (exactly 20 years ago) but we called it a shottie.

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