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Dumbest rule ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jimthefrog345, May 30, 2009.

  1. I have always thought this rule was the dumbest part of GC and I want it to be explained. Why do you need to be over 18 to do an account? I mean first of all I'd bet more than half the GC dudes are under 18, kids like to smoke. And plus there is no way to stop me making an account if I am under 18. I just have to preform the check box ritual, which entails clicking on a box! Oh, this is impossible for a 17 year old to do. Genius indeed. And plus, weed is just as illegal for a 20 year old as it is for a 16 year old. Either you you're breaking the law buddy, it's not illegaler for a 19 year old. Sorry to break that one to you.
    Ban me if you want to, but I am over 18. Because I preformed the secret check box ritual. So that would not be fair. I just want to know from a mod or owner why the rule exists. because it is a dumb rule.
    Rant over. But I do want a response. Stat.
  2. well it's so grasscity doesn't get power raped by angry parents of dumbass children
  3. are all rules introduced because of legality reasons?
  4. Why does it matter? Just lie and dont tell kid... Its not like GC is doing background checks
  5. In Amsterdam(the place where this site is ran), weed is legal if your over 18.
  6. It's so the city doesn't get swarmed by dumbass little kids. It's not about legality.
  7. legal and liability reasons, to eliminate some immaturity that comes with allowing kids to come on, etc. i don't think it's that dumb.
  8. Nuf said.
  9. 1. I'm fairly certain that it would be illegal if GC allowed minors to make accounts.

    2. No one at GC wants to be swarmed by kids.
  10. It actually is more illegal....

    If someone who is under 18 (legal adult) is on this board and is coaxed into smoking and something occurs (parents find out and get pissed) the board could be held responsible for this, since the website was used to get an underage minor (someone who according to the government is incapable of making their own decisions) to do something illegal.
    Over the age of 18, you're responsible for your own actions, so GC can't be sued.
  11. #11 cubensiseye, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    This rule is indeed for liability issuses. Also, people not following rules and acting like punks is one reason why people in government laugh us off. When people under 18 break the rule and don't talk about it, and make relevant posts, no one knows that you're underage and there is no problem. But if all you do is post about laced weed and growing in your parents house, it's pretty obvious that you may be underage and you will probably get banned. None of this is directed at the OP.

    I think this is the dumbest rule ever: Leviticus 19:19

    " 'Do not wear clothes that are made out of two kinds of cloth.
  12. YOU BITCH. You beat me to it :p

    But yes. As he pointed out, it is to keep little children from coming in here and making up words... like... "ILLEGALER"
  13. Think of it this way. When you go to headshops and they ID you and your not 18+ your kicked out so the headshops can keep their ass safe from being sued for selling pipes, bongs, etc... to minors. Same rule probably applies on the net too with the age limit. Sure it sucks, but hey, gotta keep our asses safe right?
  14. Probably because kids are fucking annoying on message boards, lol..

  15. +1 :wave:
  16. what the hell do you care for? as you said you lied and checked the box. im sure your an angry 16 or 17 year old who is mad that he has to preface all his stories about what happened at your high school with "im an 18 year old senior"

    nobody really cares if your underage (well i guess the mods and owners do) like someone else said they aren't doing backround checks or anything. it is probably for the safety of the site. if someone decides they want the site shut down it's a nice built in defense to be able to say the site is for adults only. keeps crazy parents from blaming the site instead of the kid.

    do you get mad when you go to a porno site and they make you click the box saying you are 18? if it's that much trouble just quit the internet.
  17. Alright guys, those arguments make sense. I geuss I never really thought about the liability stuff. I just always thought smoking the herb is illegal either way so it doesn't really matter what age you are. But it does make sense that GC doesn't want angry parents suing. And by the way, I am clearly above 18; I checked the box! So don't you go accusing me.
  18. "illegaler"...:D
  19. If you are dumb enough to say that you are underage somewhere than you deserved to be banned. How hard is it to sign up when you're 16 and not let your age slip out? Not that damn hard. As long as you're mature, no one will ever have to second guess your age.
  20. OP is a moron.

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