Dumbest computer related thing you've ever done

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  1. I have this 7 year old desktop pc, about two years ago I though it had broken so I bought a new computer (didn't know as much about computer's back then)

    A few months ago I dragged it out because I was bored and decided to see if I could fix it, pulled the fan off the cpu heatsink, and I found out why it had stopped working, it was overheating thanks to the biggest piece of dust build up I've ever seen in my life.

    That's my dumbest thing, what's yours?

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  2. Was soldering and i put down the iron thinking it would stay put but it moved and fell right on top of my laptop keyboard. fucking ruined it

    luckily i had a bunch of extra internal keyboards for it because i got them for 7$ a pop to try to keep it looking fresh after owning it for 5 years.

    i was always good with computers, never really fucked up anything....
  3. I hate it when stuff happens to laptop keyboards, a couple of days ago I was surfing GC and the cherry of my cigarette fell off, I looked all over my couch and on my clothes, couldn't find it, then I smelled burnt plastic and realised, too late, it had superheated my 0 key on the bumped and made a huge dent in it, now I have to push it really hard to make it work
  4. Applying the right amount of thermal paste when I was first learning how to build computers.

    I have an old 8800 GTS that needs fixing. Might give that a go soon.
  5. Didnt have a backup drive and lost 2tb worth of shit
  6. Completely ruined an external hard drive beyond repair. Fortunately, I had backed up the important files on said hard drive elsewhere before the drive was past the point of no return.

    I also installed debian on my computer the night before an exam.
  7. del *.* /s /q
  8. put a decent videocard on my carpeted floor. static electricity fucked it up lol.
  9. I pulled a dust and cat hair ball the size of my fist out of the vents in my old laptop. It was ridiculous. :rolleyes:

    I took a computer repair class in high school. My very first day I was helping someone remove a power supply from a computer. Their hands were too big so I volunteered, asked if they had unplugged it and they said yes, stuck my hand in there and grabbed at something and got the shit shocked out of my arm.
    That was the last time I ever trusted someone saying "yeah it's unplugged".

    This was something I witnessed rather than did myself, but also in computer repair class. We often times serviced the computers around the school, one day a teacher was having troubles with her computer and called us to fix it for her.

    I brought in a cart, unplugged everything, and started to take the tower back to our classroom when the teacher stopped me with a question. She points at the monitor and asks "will this still work then?"
    "Can I still use this?"
    "The monitor...?"
    "The computer, can I still use it?"
    "That's... just the monitor... I have the computer right here, the monitor won't work without the computer connected to it..."
    "Oh... well, that's weird"

  10. Bought like $20k of equipment that all ran on 220V AC......too bad the entire server room was 110V AC in that office....

    That's my most expensive mistake so far (although it was a team effort :D)
  11. Gooood job. Maybe go outside for a cig next time? :p

    I've been pretty good about not fucking up my computers, aside from looking at too much porn and getting tons of viruses when I was a kid haha.

    But i'm about to start building my own PC for the first time so i'm sure i'll end up doing several dumb things by the time it's complete.
  12. I let the dog get to it - walked over my laptop and managed to rip off about 4 keys lol

    Actual computer related - I tried to fix our family pc's blue screen of death without much knowledge. Let's just say I got it working for a few days before the whole registry system got completely fucked beyond repair haha and I was so happy fixing it at first.

  13. damn lol :eek:
  14. I was like 7 and tried to give my friend internet via IE on a floppy.

  15. Buying from iBuypower... Huge fucking mistake
  16. Smashed my old macbook with a hammer:cool:
  17. It happens to the best of us, I'm part way through building mine now, I nearly used the wrong screws in the motherboard, luckily that's the only thin that's gone wrong so far

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