dumbass girl getting busted at school for talking

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  1. ok so this girl i kno (she must be severly retarded to do what she did) got caught by her dad smoking in the house. he dad was a dick and told she school about it. the school calls her in and asks her where she gets the weed from. she told them she got it from somebody at school (auctually said their name)
    haha so pretty much this dumb fucking cunt got busted for having (admiting) that she had weed at school.
    now she gets 6 months of drug testing

    If she didnt say a WORD: nothing would happen. the school had no evidence that she got it from school.

    i think ppl that stupid should fall off a cliff or something

    PPL: learn the law! learn your rights! fuck cops!
  2. Jesus christ kids are fucking retarded... That's why I could never be a HS dealer, it's just way too... Fucking easy to get caught. I'd be 24/7 paranoid.
  3. i agree witht that. kids r too stupid and they will say names to get the heat off when they r busted.
  4. The younger they are, the more they buy into that, "You'll be in less trouble if you talk", game those fucks play.
  5. my step dad is the dicipline pricipal at the school that i go to and he gets people to talk with no effort.

    a couple kids i know have the biggest mouths. they both get weed from the same dealer as me and talk about it to their friends all the time. its not just high school kids....just stupid dumbasses that like to brag about weed and have no loyalty.
  6. dumbass, deserves it. Yeaa, heres a good video I know. Basically tells you everything you need to know about your rights and how to deal with cops whether your in your car, outside, or in your house.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMjMPlXzdA&feature=channel_page"]YouTube - BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters[/ame]

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