Dumbass Armed Robbery

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Haha, I been in this store like hundreds of times to buy 40's and cigarettes. My buddy lives literally right around the corner from this place. This has been all over my local news, this guy is such a dumbfuck. I thought I'd be able to find better video than this, but I can't seem to.

    Watch what he does.

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  2. a sawed off barrel would have made that shot gun alot easier to weild :hello:
  3. if i was that guy at the counter after taking the gun i would have smashed him in the face with it. i mean i wouldnt shoot him and kill him so ide go to jail but ide definatly swing that thing.
  4. I would have blown his brains out.
  5. dumbass but entertaining..i love the look on his face when he realizes he had his gun snatched
  6. I hate people like that, the robbers I mean. It pisses me off.
  7. HAHAHA!!!

    I would've smashed his nose in w/ the shotgun after I snatched it. By the way, if the clerk would've shot the motherfucker, is that really a crime? His life was in danger, its self-defense, is it not?
  8. as long as the guy was still presenting a danger (ie. not running away from the clerk)

    Cant shoot a guy when he's running away, just like rear ending a person. automatically your fault unless you can prove he was shooting at you backwards, or driving in reverse =p
  9. haha madddd funny, is that in like arbor hill or something?
  10. I believe it should be self defense, especially since that dude came back into the store again for more trouble

    I would have fired a shot close to him before he left the store to make sure that motherfucker doesn't come back

    the ez-wider paper thing is funny in the second clip when the guy is talking
  11. na dude, Quail street in downtown albany, right near thjs club called The Lamp
    Post. Arbor Hill is actually alot worse of an area. Im surprised this dumbass pulled this shit on Quail street, I see cops patrolling that area all the time.

    BTW good to see a fellow GC member from the capital region. I got some friends in schenect.
  12. ha all i got to say is What A Dumb Fuck
  13. stupid people are funny... but sad

  14. word, schenectady is lame as hell though. all we have here is the union college coke head rich kids, unreliable dealers, but when i can get my hands on buds, it's usually gonna be dank.

    do you go to any concerts at SPAC? i love partying it up there, rollin some blunts, listening to music.
  15. I don't get it though, it wasn't the clerks money- and the robbery was over.

    WTF did taking the gun do? The crime was already committed. He could have gotten himself in a worse position.

    Say someone else was in the car and saw what had happened- he could have came in shooting to protect the robber.

    Or what if the robber himself had another weapon???

    I used to work 3rd shift at Dunkin Donuts- and there was a local robber going around here who hit something like 5 or 6 Dunkin Donuts over a couple weeks.

    If he ever came into my store, I'd gladly handover the money and not think twice about it.

    Stupid brave people.
  16. haha i have seen that vid on a few diff sites i laugh everytime...what tops it off is the guy only got the $1 & $5's before he got his gun yanked
  17. what a smart idea...that shotty would probably go off right in your chest from mashing the butt of it in his face.
  18. damn dude ive been there if thats the quail st market at the corner, good jamaican beef pattys. my friend used to live on washington ave. and when i would come up to visit him i remember stabbings and fights and all sorts of crazy shit
  19. how bro,its a pump action that thing is pretty heavy i think hitting him in the face wouldnt make that shotgun cock.
  20. Right when that mother fucker was jumping over the counter I would have made a well placed Headshot. To bad I wouldn't hear "BOOM HEADSHOT!"

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