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Dumb things you did as a kid (smoking related)...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LongBottomLeaf, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Who has done some stupid shit as a kid either with weed, or with things pretending it's weed???

    I'll start with the memory that came to mind after a nice bong session that got me feeling "5th grader high." lol

    Me and my buddies used to get plain old lined notebook paper, roll itup into little "joints" (nothing inside) and straight cheef the paper til it burnt our fingertips...... All just to blow smoke out of our mouths really. Pretty sure we didn't inhale because A.) we probably didn't know how and B.) we probably would have passed out from inhaling straight smoke into our lungs

    Which lead to ripping random leaves off trees, rolling them into similar joints.....

    Which lead to an early start with Marijuana, and a great relationship with her ever since!

    Anyone else as stupid as I was a child....? lol
  2. Bit off both ends of a pretzel stick, and sparked it up.
  3. Smoking in the house while still living with my parents and getting caught and scolded because of it.
  4. I smoked in an in school suspension once 2 feet away from a teacher on the other side of a door and he burst into the bathroom that had 3 kids puffing on a pipe out the window and as he came in i got scared and blew smoke at him. He never noticed, I love old subs lol. High school man...

  5. The same exact thing happened to me LMFAO
  6. I once tried to light some trichs and tiny bits of weed off my fingertips after packing a bowl :laughing:

    Didn't actually hurt that bad but the bowl had already been smoked so that's likely why :D
  7. spent money on things other than weed
  8. smoke out of those novelty pipes you get at Party city.

    I lined it with Tin-foil and thought i'd be A-okay.
  9. I had a 3 minute space between classes to walk to one another and because weed is so amazing I had to sesh in between each class, making me extremely late for class, and my vice principle who I had a weird kinda friend connection with caught on and followed me on my adventure to the back alley I smoked in. All he said was "no more detours" I thought I was having a heart attack and nearly shit my pants.Lol.
  10. I didn't start masturbating till 18...

    I would just rub my dick against stuff around my house..

  11. you fucking monster.
  12. I did this exact same shit, used to roll paper into cigarette like things and just smoke it, so bad. Like you, rolling up leaves into the paper then followed, and subsequently tobacco and then weed :hello:

    Edit: The last two were not smoked using notebook paper
  13. When i was a kid i had some bud and it smoked for like one week (everyday)
    My tolerance was so shitty, that id smoke like a finger nail worth of weed and end up being paranoid and really really high. Thats what got me haha, but it was fun haha. ( not laced weed ).
  14. Some of these are great! I'm a little less ashamed of my childhood now... Lol
  15. I also decided it would be good to smoke half of my first probably 100 sessions out of pop cans.... Because (before chemistry classes lol) "If they're clean enough to drink out of, they're clean enough to smoke out of, right"


    Surprised to hear someone else was a notebook smoker too!! Anyone else out there used to take "college ruled" straight to the dome as a young'n ???
  16. Put the weed up my bum instead of smoking it.... It didnt work.
    So I ground it up and snorted it....It didnt work.
    So I put it inbetween my bumcheeks and squeezed it very hard to try and absord the THC into my cheeks....It didnt work.
    So I rubbed it across my nipples....It didnt work
    So then I wrapped a soggy flannel around the weed and washed myself with didnt work.
    So then I put it in the CD player because I heard people say music is better with weed...It didnt work.
    So I put it in my DVD player....Same story.
    So I murdered a skunk and tried to smoke that because i know skunk is the best weed.....You follow?
    So I then REALIZED that these methods would never work and I just shoved it up my bumhole.
  17. Thanks for your addition.... that probably would have been funny had I read it back in the 2nd grade.
  18. Was young and friends put a cockroach into the bowl without me knowing and handed it to me.
    It was dark and I thought they packed it so I lit up.

    Threw up for an hour straight because of the taste and feeling.
    Lesson here is, always check what your smoking.
  19. #19 420dopeaf, Aug 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2012
    lol ah man i did alotta dumb shit as a kid (started smoking wen i was 11) i used computer paper to roll,smoked oregano,sold oregano to kids younger then me just to make a coiple bucks, *sigh* man was i a little noob wen i first started toking but once i turned 12 i started getting the hang of things.

    i remember as a 7th grader i would make 30$ a day(which was alot for a 11 yr old kid without a job) off of oreagano alone the 6th graders in my middle school used to give me feedback like "Bro that bag of weed was dank ! i was high for hours" LMFAO

  20. Man after that one time I saw spider eggs in someones bowl, I always check my bowls twice.

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