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dumb the day after

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psycotaco, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. hey, guys. yesterday i smoked a fat joint rolled by a friend. a few hours later i go home and crash for the night. today however, i've been acting like a complete retard, kind of like i was high, but with a sober mind. is this connected with the weed i smoked, or is it just me?
  2. How long have you been toking? I only started in July and had the same day-after stupidity up until a couple weeks ago. My friends assure me that a hangover is normal when you start.
  3. yeah, that seems right. i started smokin bud around june,
  4. I had that when I first started. It happens. I think it also happens sometimes after a t-break. It will start to go away, just know that you might be a retard the day after for a matter of months. xD
  5. I always smoke myself to sleep, even though I smoke weed every day ( for the past two years ) I still wake up, smoke a cigarette, and get blazed w/o being blazed, its a mind high thats weird to explain. The weed is definatly still effecting me in the morning.
  6. It all depends for me on how much I actually smoked. Sometimes I smoke a hell of a lot and it's 4 am, so when I got to sleep and wake up at 10, I'm kinda still blazed.


    Edit* It does diminish when you start smoking more often.
  7. Yeah, day after smoking a lot is kinda hazy....

    I smoked a few grams of good weed with a friend yesterday, ended up falling asleep doing homework, and now I'm up finishing homework before school... I feel perfictly smart, just kinda blazed still.
  8. It is common in new smokers. Cannabis can affect the way you sleep and the amount and quality of REM (dream) sleep specifically. I've always postulated that this is why it can cause a 'hangover' effect in people who haven't quite adapted to its use yet.
  9. Haha. You need an example of that hangover?

    Anyway, yeah I get it too, the best way to get rid of it is just get high again, or deal with the fact that you're a zombie.

    They do call it dope for a reason.

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