Dumb shit While Driving Stoned

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by perfect_drug, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. havent even had my license for a year and crashed twice....nothing major just bent rims both times but still pretty expensive...the second time was about 2 weeks ago so i will never drive while baked again...some people say its easier but not at all for me...i just zone out...wouldnt wanna hurt anyone so im not doing it anymore before i do

  2. Chink is not an acceptable word to use on these boards, especially since itwas you who almost caused the accident.]

    as for the question...been driving for years, never been pulled over, one accident, but i was rear ended and thus it wasn't my fault.
  3. Hmmmmm........I've done lots of stupid things but this one has to be the worst (and no, its not just because I'm a female driver.......LOL). But I had gotten a lil too high and lost track of time (mind you, I was on oxys and coke). But anyway, it usually takes me 45 minutes to get to work and I had appromixately 25 minutes to get there. And WV is full of nothing but curvy ass roads (if you can drive these roads, I know you can do nascar).

    But of course it starts raining and I'm doing probably 90 mph on a backroad and I take my car smack into a tree. But I got out and tied my hood down with a rope and was only late by like 8 minutes.
  4. I was driving late one night with a few friends and I came to an intersection where the lights were flashing yellow. There was a car trying to turn left towards me, while I was going straight. Instead of continuing, I stomped on the breaks, thinking it was just turning yellow. When the guy turning left thought I was letting him go and started to turn, I hit the gas and almost hit him. I spent five minutes after that bitching about stupid traffic lights and how they should work better....
  5. one time i was wasted drunk and high as hell at a red light...but i saw a car next to me move a little so i just start going...i ran the red light and i got pulled over...played it cool and got a warning... i had a homade bong under my seat too...heheh i was shittin bricks
  6. i've had some pretty fucked up close calls while driving.. and while driving ripped.. but none of them were legal, which some of you will deduce given certain informations you are aware of about me.. but anyway, id rather not give out details as they may incriminate me in the future.

    with that said..

    i was cruisin pretty quick along these really winding narrow hick town roads.. with heavy fog not only in front of the car but in my brain too, and out of nowhere a big ass hill popped out of nowhere, dropped into a 3 way intersection, followed by a hairpin curve on a bridge and then a stop sign. it was scary as fuck but i blazed through like a fuckin champion in like my 3rd time in the driver seat and all my budz were scared as fuck bud glad i didnt burn out and end up in the ditch or some shit. from then on they alwayz wanted me to drive.. hell yeah
  7. yea billy bong i have done the same thing except i didnt get arrested i just pissed off a lot of people
  8. I was ripped off my ass driving my dads camaro downtown on friday night and these cute guys in a mustang were trying to race me. There car being a ford I knew I could win so I romped on it, I smoked 'em off the line but then my dad was like "Quit racing those boys" and then I remembered he was in the car and I wanted to slap myself in the face, like he trusts me now, I might as well have done a fatty burnout or something while I was at it ;)
  9. Besides stopping at a few green lights...I am pretty good while driving. I drive a little slow and sometimes at night, the lights fuck with my eyes.
  10. i didnt get arrested...you mean pulled over...yea i was in bad shape...maybe he just felt sorry for me or something... but i remeber playing it real cool.
  11. I've stopped at a green light before, luckily no one was behind me.

    One time me and a few boys were just cruisin around stoney, we were trying to think of where to go. Just drivin down this road, anyway there were 2 cars behind us, but the driver was all stoney. We came to a stop sign, and he just sat there for at least a minutre trying to think of where to go. then he glanced in his mirror andrealized what he was doing.

    This wasnt stupid driving while high but sketchyh drivin done to get high. We had to go out a lil ways to meet the local drug dealer, and at this time i had a beat up ol cherokee, and the heating was broken. Did i mention it was winter and freezing rain? Anyway the windshield kept icing over cause of no defrost. I kept spraying wiper fluid to melt off the ice, but jsut as soon as i turned onto the highway i ran out of fluid. anyway i didnt have to go too much fuirther so we got to our destination and i scraped off the windhsield with an old cd case. We grabbed our bhuddas and off we went down the hgighway with a compeltely iced over windshield. I had a smal opening in the corner to look out, and just kept my eyes on the yellow line. Needlkess to say that was the end of the driving that night.,
  12. its not really me that was driving, but after camping the ride back home i was super stoned, and my friend was driving (he just did some shrooms), we were racing down a dirt curvy hilly road at like 110km/h (im canadian, so whatever thats in mph i dunno like 8 or something :p) anyways it was the craziest driving ever, we were e-braking around every single corner coming so close to going into the ditch (which was like 20 feet down at a gradual slope). the fact that there were no seatblets too didnt make it any better, but shit...it was the greatest rush of my life (unless you count the first time i got laid....)
  13. last night i was kicking it with some people at a friends apartment, and after taking a few bong rips each we decided to split. I hadnt smoked for about a week so the weed was hitting me pretty hard. So i was driving and following my friend out to a mcdonalds. and i pulled out on a street without looking and the car swerved and didnt hit me, it was a real close call though, i am thankfull for the fact that he was a cautious driver. after that i decided to concentrate a lot more and pay more attention to the road, everything went well!
  14. I driv ebetter stoned, Im more cautios of other drivers, and me, but I speed a little more, I miss everything in the road.. I can rally race sooooo damn good stoned, theres a place for four wheelers, (trucks motorcycles, atvs etc.) there a rod cars can drive on, most cars go like 1-15 mph, and I'v enever seen another truck or car go over 30... well, I cruise this place about 30-45 when im not high, I miss every rock, hole, crack, big bump etc... This isnt no easy place, its pretty damn rough for mos tpeopl, but I somehow visuallise the lines to take around shit and ways to hit bumps, its all smoth and fast.. But when im stoned I can go 60, and drive perfect, 90 dgree slides around corner, sliding completely sideways sometimes, and bringing it perfectly back around.. even my unstoned friends compliment me, ppl who have done it with me and never ridin in a car wiht me before, 1st 2 minutes theyre like, fuck, im not driving with you, this is scary, after a bit they tell my Im the best driver out theyre theyve seen, and would trust me anytime... wow... Its cool. Maybe I should go to school for rally racing, ya never know....

    oh yeah, I used to go like 75 in my old 65 ford f250, 3/4 ton, 352 big block, fast as hell truck...

    but now I have an 88 beretta, its a little fast, but not like my truck...

    img attached, of hogys, taken with a pos digital camara, imagin an 88 beretta haulin ass down it, with a 2 block cloud of dust behind it, FUN FUN FUN


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  15. heheh, i wasnt driving, but my friend was and he was so fucked up on shrooms that he started seeing things and he swears he was seeing the lines in the road squiggle so he was making the car go left to right to left to right (swirving)very fast and he almost hit like 10 people, and he thought he was seeing the yellow lines moving, but i was so baked that i was just laughing my ass off! hehe that was fun!
  16. A few days ago I wanted to go to wendys coz I had the munchies, but for some reason I couldnt fukin find it that day! (Havent you been high b4 and you try to find sumthin that never moves, but when you go there, its not there......I mean wtf!) Anyway, I turned around in a Meineke lot and I backed into a cop car that was gettin worked on. I hauled ass outta there like you aint never seen baby! And to make shit worse, I was so scared that I was comin up over this hill real fast to escape, and there was a stop sign right there. I slammed on my brakes but It wasnt enuff time and I slid thro the intersection while burnin rubber! As i went thro the intersection there was an 18 wheeler that was about a car length away from me coming from my left side, and I almost got erased from existence! (TELL ME THAT SHIT AINT HARDCORE! I mean I almost got fuked twice in one day.) After that I went home and just smoked again to make me forget about the heart attack giving events.
  17. That is hilarious Ounceboy!!! Been there before but damn you were lucky!
  18. Now usually I'm an excellent driver while high, extremely cautious to the point of overly slow most of the time.

    I was making a left onto a street that had a large median so there was a big strip in the middle that you waited at to make the left, and I saw this guy coming up the other way and put his left signal on so I just started to go, forgetting that he passed through the middle thing first. That probably makes no sense though heh heh
  19. Me and my dad were fishing in Canada on our new bass boat.
    We had burned a blunt earlier so we were all sorts of wrecked when we driving around looking for a place to fish. We were flyin down that river until my dad noticed a rock pile about 5inch. below the surface of the water. He managed to save the boat, but the bottom of the motor was gone. The propeller broke off on the rocks. We were 10 miles from were we dock, and the only thing we had was our trolling motor. I don't know how it did it but that trolling motor pulled us 10 miles up a river with out dying.
  20. the hardest part IS those damn blink yellow light always confused me. I live in a retired golfing community in nowhere NC. It was a really foggy night and i just super smoked out some firends. they left an i NEVR miss the opertunituyto drive when there is fog.. n e wayz i was coming home an i want to drive on the golf course. SO i did it dam it. it was near a full moon so i could see. it was fun. no one believes me though

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