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Dumb question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rolldatpurple, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. :smoke:Has anyone gotten panic attacks from smokin' mids? Because I did like a few days ago. When I smoke dank or above it's totally fine and I act normally baked. Any answers to why it happened?
  2. Shitty weed gives you a shitty high
  3. It's all mindset man. Your mindset going into the sesh trumps what type/quality of bud it is.
  4. Okay, thanks.
  5. truth bro.. my brother was in a shitty mood like really shitty the first time smoking weed, ended up crying about how he hated his life and how our stepbrother is a complete asshole and such shitty high but in retrospec our stepbrother is a complete douche... but yeah man shitty mindset going in shitty high
  6. in my opinion i feel thats more likely to happen with mids then dank haha. good bud is just taken better care of. mids has been in some nasty ass places. talked to a guy that bought weight in mids and he said he would find bugs. u get wat u pay for really. but yea iv deff had that. smoked in my room at night with parents that would kill me if they caught me and could not sleep at all and just kept having thoughts racing through my head. it was nuts. but yea mids can have all sorts of shit in it. stick to funky stuff :D
  7. Yeah. I got a new dealer, thank god, lol.
  8. well said
  9. always imagine good dank bruh!

    the frostier the better.

    and just sit back relax and enjoy.
  10. if its a dumb question then why post it on here?

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