dumb question- maybe due to laziness

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  1. how big does a pot need to be to grow a female all the way through to harvest. I am growing outdoors but I started with pots but some of different sizes. I know some I will need to transplant into the ground and others, well I am not sure.

    help would be greatly appreciated

    w00t first grow is going successful thus far

    oh also, is the best way to get seeds for next season to move a male and female to a different location and allowed to pollinate?
  2. Read my link on seed setting.
  3. Follow cantharis's easy how to and you will have plenty of seeds without compromising all of the buds on the whole plant.
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    thx a million for the seed setting but how bout my indica plants how big would a pot need to be to support a full grown plant?

    by the way that really is such a simple and clever way to produce seeds. I woulda never thought of it but it makes so much sense.

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