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  1. This may sound silly, but do your plants seem to perk up during the day and droop at night?

    I've noticed this a couple of times now. For instance, all day today they looked fine. Then I left to go to a show, and 2 hours later they're droopy. It seems like everytime I look at the plants after about 10 or 11pm, they start to droop a bit. Then when I wake up and look at them around 7am when I wake up, and they're smiling at me - looking just great. I'm not overwatering, and the soil is fine. They're on a 18/6 light schedule. Lights go out at midnite, and they turn on at 6am, which is my sleep schedule. :)

    FYI - I put about a cup of distilled water in the pots every couple of days or so (9" pots). I watered them last on Friday.
  2. I am more stoned than I thought! I checked the soil and it was pretty damn dry. I guess now that they're growing like crazy that they need more water.

    I think I'm gonna start adding a bit of H[SUB]2[/SUB]O[SUB]2[/SUB] to my water so the roots can get a little more oxygenated water.
  3. i do know that plants will perk up towards a light source...for example if you had one on a window sill it would lean towards the window to get more light...learned that in biology...
  4. absolutely you two are on to it, plants do "sleep" after lights out and actually sort of a reverse photosynthesis occurs. CO2 is released in small amounts and sugars and carbos build up in the leaves to prepare them for the next day. This is one reason it is important to give the plants some dark period so that this vital function can occur, h2o2 great idea, also try a pinch of epsom salt in the water as well, that will prevent drooping and leaf curl as most plants do not get nearly enough magnesium.
  5. Cool! How much epsom salt do I add?
  6. a pinch to a gallon i use a teaspoon in 5 gals
  7. Alright. Oh, what about the hydrogen peroxide?

    Go check out my journal too in the journal section too, btw. Now I'm gonna get stoned and watch the Red Sox and Yankees play. :D
  8. plz tell me u like the sox

  9. Don't worry about this at all, my plants have done this on every grow i have ever done.

    One question for you, how many lights do you have on your plants?.

    I find that the more lights on your plants thro out the day the more tired they become, it's normaly just the top of the plant that droops and looks all tired, but come the morning and they look just sweet.

    I always grow on an 18/6 with clones or vegging the plant, i think everything on this planet needs some rest periods.

    Check out my grow below to see how well they look, they also struggled to look wicked all day long, come about 15 hours of being in light they started drooping quite bad.

    Now they are sweeter than a monkies knackers smeared in the sweetest honeysuckle toffee flavoured sugar known to man..lol.
  10. That's awesome, Hydro. I checked out your grow, and it looks sweet! I'm thinking of switching mine over to flower in about another week or so. I think the hardest thing is watering them. When they were smaller, they were overwatered. Now that they're growing like mad, I got nervous and cut the water back when they needed it the most. Luckily I don't have any problems with ferts and ph yet since the only thing they've gotten is a pinch of epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.

    i think i will cut back an hour on light for now to 17/7, so they have an easier time to get adjusted to 12/12, which I think i'll start in a few days. It's my first grow (from bagseed), so I won't be TOO disappointed if they died.

    Interestingly enough, mine always start to droop about 15 hours into light, which is about 9pm.

    Here's a pic of one I took last night. It looks fine there, but after about 9pm, it starts drooping. Then this morning, it still droops a little. And I *know* i'm not overwatering it.

    Edit: They are growing under a 400w MH bulb right now.

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  11. I am still mourning right now. They ALWAYS find a way to fuck up!!! :mad:

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