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Dumb people and the use of the word...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CheebaLaGanja, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. Schwag-Ok. that's how you spell schwag and now to the definition of schwag- schwag is REGULAR weed the kind that most people buy, it's relatively inexpensive and it gets you a pretty good high it does not cause headaches as DITCHWEED does I can't stand people that confuse the word schwag with ditchweed or such and give schwag a bad name
  2. Just a Lil' anger built up?? :D Are "they" dumb because they use different slang then you? What about folks like me who NEVER use the word schwag?? :smoking:
  3. Schwag might as well be ditchweed, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

  4. I never buy schwag, and i dont think most do either
  5. im in texas so most the shit i get is the old definition of everyone calls it dank...i dont know. i just know whatever i buy i smoke a bowl of it and its got me fucked up. i dont know why everyone things weed from mexico is all shit...depends on who you buy it from. hydro like the shit i see on this site is about 15 a gram but if u buy in quantity its 200 for an oz., but thats beside the point, all slang changes man, but it is fucking annoying, my friends think any good weed they smoke is hydro.
  6. hydro is characterized by hollow stems. if you can blow through your stems then you're smoking dro.

    schwag isn't a term that's really used too often around me...most peope call it commerc (commerical - sold in the largest amounts) or regs
  7. dank weed is usually weed that started out real good, but from transporting it and letting it just sit around it decreases the smell, the look and the potency(and the value)
  8. hmmm... thanks for the education. I didn't know this is in the dictionary? :p Before you call people dumb keep in mind that some people don't use the same type of slang in all areas of the world.

    Out here, where I am from, "ditchweed" is a term for poorly outdoor grown weed where there was little/no attempt to assist in its growing.

    Lower grade pot (anything that is not chronic) is called "schwag," whether it gives you a headache or not, and is the "definition" for bad pot. We may be spoiled out here because chronic is so abundant, but I've only heard the term "ditchweed" once in a blue moon, and mostly from people who come from the Midwest.

    This doesn't make me DUMB, or anyone else DUMB who thinks that, it's just proof that we're from different regions of the country, or world. ACCEPT the differences and move on, already.

    Just wanted to give you a lil' knowledge back, so ya know terms aren't the same EVERYWHERE. So please... no name-calling!!!

  9. that's exactly what I was trying to say schwag is just a slang word for commercial or reg
  10. and I wasn't angry I was just bored so I started a thread
  11. i believe that all crons does its duty, unless its shake or of course what was once excavated from your lawn. if your concerned about the quality of the buds then all you have to do is smoke more. weed does wonders.

  12. Thank you, ya just might have to smoke a little more.
  13. hmm.. in BC theres no such thing as shwag :D
  14. man. around here there's schwag (also known as dirt (because of it's brownish coloring), or regs), mids (anything that's pretty green, but not dank), chronic (just weed in general, no real specific type), dank (kb if you're sellin' and want to get people's attention), and dro. i happen to notice a huge difference between the high associated w/schwag and w/dank. not just intensity, but it's a whole different high all together. i dunno. maybe i'm just weird, lol.
  15. it sucks around here commerical weed is $25-40 an 8th. So i'm trying to help my friend get his growroom going, anything i sell i think i wanna keep at 25 an 8th 160 oz, i think, that sounds good enough for me. and are weed will be way better than this shit, it gotta be. Its so fucking dry here i really wanna move.
  16. Ya see...I live in Los Angeles...So i've been gettin the cali weed. I got some Purple Kush, Purple Haze, Northern Lights, and some White Russian. I don't even look at shwag. I don't even touch it. I run from the very site of it. I don't know how you guys can still be smokin that shit. I've had sessions with people like up in las vegas who are crazy about the weed i have...They're like "dude...i love you man...lemme get ur number". I want what snoop dogg gets though. That guy has some real good shit.
  17. Schwag is nasty.
  18. bah, it all depends on the country or region, in northern illinois (where I am) schwag is average or below average marijuana, dank is pretty good weed, and excellent weed is called all kinds of stuff (kind, kb, etc.). And then there are people who just make stuff up.
    Example: "diggity dizankass shiznit"
  19. Around where I am, schwag is last resort weed. It gets u high, yes, but isn't worth 10 a dime.
  20. [​IMG]
    This guy sures loves schwag though.

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