Dumb nukkas... Fake nukkas...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Im sick of fake fucking nukkas. What the hell. My \'homie\' rob is who im talking bout. Well im with my gurl Jessica, Met her through rob right. I went to him and asked him straight up before even asking jess out and he said he dont want us dating. I ended it there, But the three of us kept chilling, And he finally said ya\'ll seem real happy together, I dont like the idea of yall dating but ill allow it. I asked her out.

    We been together since.

    Well he\'s with some new homie of his tonight, My girl went to a job interview and rob called her and she called him back once she got out. He said to come over he needs to talk to her.

    Well i guess he was trying to act like a real hard ass with his new homie around. Well my homie Rob, He gang bangs and all. He dont claim a set, Folk Nation of course tho. But he knows people in the Sureno\'s tho.

    So he told jessica, She better break up with me or ima end up with a broken jaw.

    WHAT? My own nukka said this?

    Shiet, So i told her, Let this nukka try something. Ima ghetto mother fucker, Let him run up on me, Ill pull the .45 out and watch this nukkas brains splatter all over and then take a piss on him.

    So i havent talked to him since, But he\'ll be at my school for 2 hours tommrow morning. Ima run up on him, And tell confront him. Ill tell him straight up, Break my jaw nukka.

    Ill let the fool do it, I know he wont, But if he does ill prolly have a broken jaw tommorw. But ill be the one laughing when the homeboys jump out the ride and stomp this nukkas head in...

    Why must nukkas be so fake and dumb..
  2. speak white plz??

  3. Yea he might have used slang. But I believe its called english not white

    oh yea KSR: do what you gotta do. Personally Id say fuck him and get on with your life. Cause in the end, whos got the girl. Ya know what Im sayin. But if hes gonna continue to run his mouth for no reason, ya gotta do somethin. Just DONT use a gun, nothin good comes of it. Just throw down if ya have to
  4. lol obviously man.. my slang for english?? lol
  5. anyway, handle shit like a man, i highly doubt you have a .45
  6. Think whatchua want homie.

    Its\'a throwaway. Got it for a bill fitty.

    Im jus sick of fake nukkas.

    Ima walk up to his ass tommrow, And tell him to break my fucking jaw. We\'ll see what happens, I almost gurantee ill punk him out.

    If not, Got my homie in a ride a few feet away with a baseball bat, Got the boy everyday. He rocks my jaw, Homeboy rocks his life with the baseball bat.

    He shoulda jus stayed in his own bussiness. Told my own girl that he knows me so she should break up with me. Because i get around and shit. Shit, I aient gon lie, I do get around. But when i got with this girl, It wasnt about the pussy. Which i got it ebfore i even dated her. But i dated her afterwards which proves something and been with her for a grip now. He shouldnt be talkin shit like a nukka.
  7. If that\'s how you get down, I don\'t really care, but I don\'t think you should have your friend come in with a baseball if it\'s a 1 on 1. Instead of ya\'ll seeking revenge on each other for the rest of your lifes, you can settle it on the spot, then and there.
  8. fight it and video tape it, then post it
  9. hahaha, i wish i was a nukka....
  10. One on one, This nukka wont do it.

    He\'s my fucking homie. We cool as a mother fucker. We done dirt together, We been through a buncha shit together. Like a cousin to me. Then i find out he talked shit about me today saying he\'s gon crack my jaw.

    Thats bullshit, Goes against the code of Folk Nation. Also i heard he said, This nukkas he\'s hanging with, He said \"Hes a Crip TOO!!!\". TOO? Shit, My homie Rob aient no fuckign Crip. My homie rob dont claim a set, If anything if he claimed itd be surenos. So im suprised by that.

    Fuck all that noise. Ima let this blow my jaw out, Ima tell him what i heard. Then ima say, Blow my jaw out nukka, Do it, Touch my chin and say right here.

    If he does it, And im still standing ima knock this nugga out myself, And sotmp his shit in with my Timbo\'s. If not, I got my homie waiting. He knows this, He knows i gang bang, I know he gang bangs. So he knows i got homies. He was supposed to be my homie.

    I feel hurt more then anything. Normally id let this shit slide. But hes supposed to be my homie, Like he told me i was his closet homie. Yet i hear this shit tonight. Shit, My boy tree was with him, And tree is a huge nugga, Hes like 6\'6 and huge. Tree would fuck him up too. And Tree\'s always strapped.

    Im jus hurt, Its like a family member turning they back on you.

    So if he wants to do something tommrow, Im down. Ill smash the red headed dudes skull right in. If he wants to be cool its straight. I gotta wonder if what i was told is the truth. But my gurl told me so it has to be...

    I jus feel hurt because hes family and he said shit like this...
  11. don\'t spell please, plz. Mind your shit its obviously readable.
  12. If she\'s your girl dont let this ni99a get in the way, he want\'s to act like a bitch when he around his boy then he\'s just a bitch tryina get his boy to think he treats his women like hoes.

    See if he\'ll come and say that to you. See if he\'s gunna break your jaw, he isnt, he\'s a bitch ass ni99a. I dont know him though, lol.
  13. well im pretty sure most kno wat \"plz\" meens so.........ya
  14. Hahaha dont we all
  15. All we are saying... is give peace a chance.
  16. just think how many brick walls a .45 can go through.

    Hope you don\'t kill some kid playing in his living room because your too violent to solve a situation without resorting to lethal force.
  17. plz qwit b\'ing uh joto

    and KSR.... if you\'ve got \"beef\" with the dude, talk to him, if he doesn\'t want to hear it, at least go at it like men.... why bring \"your boys\" into it... thats your problem deal with it like a man or take it, one or the other

    i hate when people are \"man enough\" to jump a dude, shoot, or stab him.... but they won\'t be a real man and talk it out

    \"if you get down and you quarrel every day, we\'re sayin prayers to the devil... why not help, one another on the way? make it much easier\"...sub some marley in for whatever you listen to and chill, don\'t take everything in life so seriously, protect what you\'ve got to protect, but do right
  18. Real men solve their problems with their fists.

    Even stephen hawkins can shoot a gun.

  19. hahahaha thats a good 1 lol
  20. as i said, if he doesn\'t want to hear it, do it man on man... if you have to have backup to fight a guy you should reevaluate your situation

    and i think you mean stephen hawking?
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