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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheRandomSanta, May 5, 2012.

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    I saw an empty lot/patch of land at the outskirts of my city that nobody ever goes to. I was driving by there and saw it and thought: "Damn, this is the perfect spot to grow". My only problem is that I will not be here during the summer at all.

    I am not expecting the grow to give me a good yield. My thought behind this is just that weed can grow naturally, so why couldn't it work for me?

    I live in South Florida. During summer, there will be a lot of sun and a lot of rain.

    My question: Could I just throw a couple of seeds in the soil and hope for the best? Like I said, I cant take care of the plants at all, because I wont be here during the summer.
  2. Definitely try it, germinate the seeds before you put them in the soil and loosen up the soil as well. It's better than not trying right? Obviously you won't get the best result (if you do get a result) but it's completely worth a shot
  3. A few seeds may get one plant but you need to make sure there at least a 1/4" under. Do what MarryM said or throw alot of seeds and rake in. you'll probably get about 10-25% to germinate if the soil is okay and moist enough.

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