Dumb bitch ex-girlfriend...

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  1. Im pissed.

    Aigth well, Background info. I went out with this bitch Nicole for 5 somethings weeks i think. And she's now claming she's pregnant and it may be my kid and shit which is b/s i think. She aient proved nothing to me and came up with this when i got with my new girl Jess.

    Now my girl Jess, I love this girl to death, Ive never told any girl ive been with that i love them because i wont say it unless i mean it. I completley mean it, I love this girl to death, For the first time i made love last night. Ive been fucking for years, Ive never made love like i did last night, It was sttraight beautiful.

    Well now, Friday night, Two nights ago, Im with Jess, Its round like 7, I get a call from nicole and i dont answer it and my gurl gets pissed shes calling me still.

    Then like 45 minutes later i get a text and its from nicole. It says something along the lines "Tell your BITCH to quit calling my house and hanging up like an immature BITCH". I read it and was pissed, Jess read it and got even more pissed. I know Nicoles cell and house # by heart. My gurl knows her cell # but not by heart and dont know her house #. So first she dont got that number, Second i was with her all day and i know she hasnt called her once.

    So we was driving when this happend, Drove to Jess's crib and jess told me to dial nicoles cell # and star 69'ed it.

    She left a message, Cool, Calm, Collected, Very nice. Jus said shes been with me all night, Dont appreciate being called a bitch and to leave me alone, And she never called her.

    Well that was it.

    Now today, Like half hour ago, I've been drinking vodka, And jus gettin routy. I was thinking about it and got pissed, So i said fuck it, Ima call her and confront her on it.

    I call her, She picks up like nothings up. I tell her "First off, I dont appreciate you calling my girl a bitch TO ME". And before i could finish saying second off shes already being bitchy. So i continue talking, I said 'Second off, I was with Jess all night and know damn well she didnt call you." Shes being a bitch so im getting pissed and routy with her.

    Well like alot of ya'll know, Im from the hood, Born n raised, Born n riased with hood mentaitly aswell. So i get routy, And i been drinking and jus gettin routier.

    So im like, "Fuck you, You disrespected me n my gurl by calling her a bitch and saying she did something she didnt, Your wrong, Im not." Shes like you called me jus to bitch at me, I said fuck yeah. Lol.

    So she's like you know what dont ever call me again, Im like "i wasnt plannin on it.'

    So she's more pissed, Her ex-boyfriend when i was with her threatned my life constantly but never did nothing. So i said, G'head and get kyle after me, Your boyrfriend wont be breathing anymore. And i hung up on her.

    Bitchs get me pissed off, Dumb highschool bullshit games.
  2. Looks like to me this Nicole girl still wants to be with u, and she seems the type to stir up shit so u cant be with anyone also just to b spitefull. Love is a hard thing to find in life, so dny let this girl ruin wat u have with ur current girlfriend!!
  3. Yeh, looks like Nicole is jealous..dumb bitches.
  4. my ex just tried to do that a few days ago, she just wont let go. she kept messaging this one girl i was talking to saying that we are together and some other shit which is completely false because i broke up with her about a year ago.
  5. slap that hoe!

    fucken people piss me off to man. ive been readin a bunch of your threads latley ... man that must wuck with everything else goin on....
  6. hahaha
  7. Man.. I hate those chicks that instigate shit to try and screw up your current relationship... I have no idea who in their right mind would do something so spiteful and low. The life you are living now is the only chance you have so don't riddle it with bad descisions and pain. Do what you love when you want where you want and have fun.
  8. I read all of that for you to sum it all up at the end....Dumb High School bullshit. Lol

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