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    So today some dumb ass was fuckin with me while i was driving (I drive a Civic hatch with and Ls Vtec mother fucker is quick) He was driving a lifted tundra, he cuts me off and starts brake checkin and shit. I'm like wtf and i didn't do shit i was just cruising back from skating. I sped up, grab my 12 inch wrench and threw it at the back window and crack it lol. I punch 3rd gear and i was gonee, doing 90 on a 45 SMH... there so many idiotic drivers thinkin they the shit driving a lifted trucks.
  2. There are so many people who think they are the shit driving civic hatch's. He was fuckin with you cuz its fun to fuck with people drivin slow honda's thinkin they are quick. I hope he got your license plate cuz it's pretty fucked up throwin shit at people's car.

  3. Who said i was the shit? i least i have a car thats reliable not no domestic bullshit that does 15mpg in the city... If i hit him on the rear end my carbon fiber will crack. at least if my engine ever over heats i would know what to do instead of calling my parents....
  4. his toyota tundra was just as japanese as your honda civic ^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. I mean I don't mean to sound like an ass, but I see an abundance of people in riced out little honda's. And to throw something on the road is extremely dangerous and childish. And btw a Tundra is not a domestic car. Last time I checked toyota was a japanese company.

  6. This is why people get bullied cause they don't stick up for themselves, just like in the streets you let noone fucks with you...
  7. I bet you get plenty of hoes in the Civic Hatchback bro... :rolleyes: :laughing:

  8. i knooooooooow i get confuse what i type im too high for this
  9. Yeah you will say that till someone pulls a gun and let me tell you a lot of people carry guns. Throwing shit on the road endangers EVERYONE and is flat out stupid. Your ignorance shines through with your words.

  10. Cool lecture, all im saying is he got what he deserve to brake check me
  11. Wow op's a bonafied badass.

  12. I think throwing a wrench at someone's window is a little bit more severe than brake checking. Clearly you don't understand logic so I am just gonna leave it at that. :rolleyes:

  13. Don't worry, the OP doesn't need logic he has hoes! :laughing:
  14. wehre is the love GC?

    drivers are crazy sometimes.

    your reactions to their bad driving is what counts.

    if you can keep your cool then you are golden.

    otherwise ull never stop gettin mad at BAD ASS DRIVERS
  15. i would have chased you with my car that has more power than yours and fucked you up.

    Why do little bitches like you think you're badass for breaking something and then running like a bitch? this isn't a story you brag about it's a story you tell noone because then you'll look like a bitch.

    just read your response above wtf are you retarded ?? 500 bucks vs. a brake check? o you drive a civic? ya that about sums it up.
  16. Dont get me wrong here, what this guy did was quite uncalled for and not needed at all according to your account. I wasnt there so I dont knwo everything.

    However, your better choice would have been to slow down, turn off, or do something to separate from him and defuse the situation. Dont know where your from, but around here throwing a wrench and cracking someones window could have very likely got you shot.

    Ive been in situations like this quite a few times. Some my fault, some the other persons. I had two kids that had just left high school one time start throwing shit at my car, and actually ran me off the road clipping my car acting like asses. If they had stopped me, they could have easily beat my ass as I am a small guy. I did everything I could have to avoid the situation and fortunetly got away. Had they managed to stop me, I already had my hand on my .45. I would be in prison, and they never would have made it out of highschool. That day made me realize it just isnt worth it in the long run to antagonize situations.
  17. what a waste of a wrench.. btw, if you threw the wrench at the back window it probably landed in the bed, which means he has it, which means he has your fingerprints and so do the lovely officers he shares then with. just sayin. bit of an overreaction. and my dude, dont drive a civic hatch -.- have some self respect and a sense of self preservation, those things are soooo unsafe
  18. so many haters keep em coming
  19. I just had a similar encounter, but nothing got thrown, only fingers and verbal abuse.

    (I was the guy who got cut off.)

    I just made a thread in the general, thinking if I should shoot these motherfuckers, but now, after some wise words from fellow GCers, I am not angry anymore, and I decided not to shoot anyone over this kind of shit.

    But, if I met a guy like you, OP, who actually threw some shit at me and crack my window, regardless to who was the asshole driver to begin with, surely I'll empty my magazine on you...
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    did you expect pats on the back for your act of brazen ass-hattery?

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