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Dum Dum Dum <durm sound>

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. i went to my dealer today and got a half but now hes got this "finacial advisor" hes like a used car salesman not only did i get my half i also traded my watch for a working walkman cdplayer and headphones so yea i take my half home and find out its only 9.5 grams when i quickly eyed it out i knew it was a lil under but didnt say anything cause i didnt know for sure, i called my dealer up and hes only 14 and im almost 19 so im like, hey man whats up? this weed you gave me only weighed to 13 grams including bag, and that bad is atleast 3 grams because its got a heavy zip-lock top he said if i buy a gram off him tomarrow he will come down and give me 4 grams he says he doesnt need me to prove it with the bag or anything he said sorry and was very nice about it.

    but what do you think will end up happening? i need opinions cause i dont know what to do and lets all keep in mind this finacial guy hes like a swindler and scammer so could he have been involved in this decision to decieve me? because ive known dustin for a long time, i give this kid a lil 5 chunk when i see him kinda like you would give a pizza guy a peice of pizza, kinda like a "i respect you" kinda tip cause dustin never riped me off i always calculate how much i buy, i weigh it i smoke it or tally every lil bit so i know when ive been fucked, so tell me: whats gonna go down with this?
  2. personally when things happen like this they dont work out. my friends gave this dealer 400 to get them an ounce it was a rip off but they were gonna try anyways. but the guy said he gave it to this other guy who smoked it. so now he is gonna repay thme with a forth a week until its all repaid. i dont think it will work though and you wont get your weed back
  3. Get a dealer who's more reliable. Or, failing that, tell your dealer to be fair or you'll quit buying from him. It might be a bluff, but if he's really 14, it just might work. Damn, kids are really getting into the game young these days, aren't they?
  4. You tip that bitch $5 for nothing and he still rips you off? Fuck him up severly! 9 grams is far from 14, he knew what he was doing.

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