DUI is still DUI

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  1. I'm a full supporter of cannabis legalization, and a frequent cannabis user. But one thing I can't stand, is when people try to use the "driving high isn't as bad as driving drunk" statement, as an argument in favor of legalization. We the stoners, want the general public to see that we use cannabis responsibley, and making a statement that condones driving under the influence of any mind-altering substance, is just re-enforcing the public's fears of cannabis being used irresponsibley.
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    "driving high isn't as bad as driving drunk"
    Last time I checked that's true..
    I agree that statement shouldn't be used to try to legalize it, but it is correct. Only time it would be comparable is if you never smoke and got high as fuck for the first time, then tried to drive. Which someone who is that high would more than likely not want to drive anyways and with alcohol their judgment is impaired so they're more likely to not care
  3. You are right.  If you see it from a stoner's POV, yeah it's not as bad as driving drunk.  If you look at it from the general public's POV most of them are thinking, "fuck, all we need is another substance legalized to impair even more drivers."  If you support legalization you should act as if it's unacceptable to drive while high regardless of whether you do it or not.
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