DUI- Cops take blood roadside

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  1. What a big waste of money.
  2. I'm thinking if the procedure would be to only take blood if the breathalyzer is declined.

    But still this is some scary stuff if it is allowed often,
  3. If you've had to many beers, you had to many beers. Cop pulls you over, tough noogies. Guess what you shouldn't have been doing.

    If I cop pulls you over and your car smells like weed, tough noogies. You know it's currently illegal, you knew what full well what could've happened, don't be stupid.

    Drive smart.
  4. WHAT THE HELL. The Government seems like its trying to control everyone now. God damit. Ever since i started learning about bud, and laws, corruption of the government, and all that im always pissed off to hear about something like this! I always remember thinking about the kids in my old High school or on tv that would say "The government is out to get us man, its all so corrupt" NOW i know why they all said that.

    That being said, urine and hair is one thing, its comes out of your body. BLOOD IS SUPPOSED TO STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM. Say the person is diabetic or have some kind of illness, they loose a few ML of blood and they die! or someone who is very sick and has aids or something, and the cop gets aids? I don't like cops but still! It is in your body, it belongs to YOU. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. A clear violation of human rights.
  5. Sickle cell patients will rip this law apart.
  6. For those "OK" with this:

    Don't rush to judgment just yet. Like I mentioned, -what are going to be the parameters by which one "fails" these tests. I never drive under the influence, but if I were stopped, and for some reason they said I "look high," does a positive test mean active metabolites or just the presence of THC?

    Also: What else is the government doing? Creating DNA databases on people. They are already actively doing so in the UK. Yep, you just got added... ;)
  7. They probably shouldn't be drinking and driving in the first place....

    Then don't drink and drive and you won't have to worry :confused:

    Someplace where DUI is legal?

    The hell are you talkin about? The thread is about drunk driving, not high driving. Also, "looking high" isn't proof of being high. You can absolutely reek of pot but if you have none of it on you and aren't high, it's not a DUI.

    Calm down, kid. IF YOU DON'T DRIVE DRUNK, THEY CAN'T TAKE YOUR BLOOD! How goddamned hard is that to understand?? If somebody is a hemophiliac, it's an even worse idea to drink and drive, because a crash (highly likely to happen when you're DUI) would be a whole hell of a lot more dangerous than taking a couple mL of blood.

    Get real, guys. I'm all for government staying out of our business, but I'm even MORE for imprisoning selfish cocksucking motherfuckers who drink and drive. Fuck all of you who drink and drive, and fuck you even more for getting pissed about the cops doing things to deter your from drinking and driving. That's the ENTIRE POINT of this thing, to PREVENT YOU FROM DRINKING AND DRIVING.
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    Again, this is about drinking and driving. Not being high and driving.

    Also, what does it matter if you're in a database? Realistically, what's going to happen? A whole hell of a lot of nothing. Quit being paranoid and just don't drive drunk or high. It's really THAT simple.

    Alcoholics Anonymous? For the millionth time, if you don't drink and drive (or don't drive like you're drunk when you're not), you don't have to worry about anything.
  9. i dont drink and drive but its still bullshit

    and its only gunna get worse...

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