DUI- Cops take blood roadside

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  1. wtf this is an outrage.
  2. Clear violation of a human's rights on earth
  3. This seems like a great way to spread disease, if the cops are not very,very careful. The spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA in a hospital enviroment is a big problem, even with all the controls they have in place. Cops grabbing random drunks out in the street and sticking holes in them-there are a lot of potential problems with this idea!
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  5. wtf?
    ok so what if they weren't drinking and driving? they took someones blood for nothing.
    its shit like this that makes me scared to drive
  6. I saw this also . It seems to be standard practice in Arizona. What an outrage. I guess they test for drugs too. Im all about the not drikinand drivin but this goes overboard. The real question is what can we do about it? How can we stop it? There is a way if we put down the pipe a min and think. What do ya say? This is a fight worth fighting . Any ideas?
  7. answered it yourself :p Don't drink and drive, and you won't have your blood drawn. It's really that easy. You have to be under suspicion of DUI in order for them to draw your blood, so don't act drunk either :D
  8. The idea of someone forcefully taking your blood is one thing. I mean, piss or something, it's just not the same, at all.

    That's really fucked up. I'd fucking kill someone fucking with my veins.
  9. If they want to drive me to a hospital to have my blood drawn by a professional, then fine. But no LEO is sticking a needle in me, and I don't give a rats's ass if the Supreme Court thinks its ok or not.

    That said, I wouldn't be caught dead driving drunk or stoned, ever. As in, Never.
  10. I still dont think its right to give some bullshit beat cop the authority to forcefully take your blood , Piss, hair tissue or anything. What happined to the right to not incriminate on self? I know thats a little far off but hell Everyday the government gets more and more power over us and we just lay down like sheep . Come on sheeple am I wrong for thinkin this way?
  11. I am still trying to figure out why the Supreme Court ruled in favor of letting cops forcefully take blood. I am just baffled that you can't be forced to blow into a breathalizer, take a drug test, ect, but somehow police officers forcibly taking blood is ok?

    Wouldn't the fourth amendment and the fifth amendment (aka, due process) prevent this from happening? Doesn't this violate our rights as a person of the United States of America? This really sickens me, what the hell is going on with our country....
  12. they are using a 1966 ruling. There is no way that this will hold up for long. We need a decent lawyer to challenge this. There have been major advances in science since the 60s that make this a clear violation of personal liberties. this is a violation of rights just waiting to happen. All a cop has to do now is say he suspected you of being drunk and then the police can get a sample of your DNA without a warrant and can hold it on record. There is no way that this lasts for long. I would flat out refuse and not allow them to if they wanted to try to force it. Even if I wasn't drunk I would be getting arrested because I would be resisting.
  13. "Starr hopes the new system will cut down on the number of drunken driving trials. Officers can't hold down a suspect and force them to breath into a tube, she noted, but they can forcefully take blood - a practice that's been upheld by Idaho's Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.
    The nation's highest court ruled in 1966 that police could have blood tests forcibly done on a drunk driving suspect without a warrant, as long as the draw was based on a reasonable suspicion that a suspect was intoxicated, that it was done after an arrest and carried out in a medically approved manner.
    The practice of cops drawing blood, implemented first in 1995 in Arizona, has also raised concerns about safety and the credibility of the evidence."

    Holy shit. The thought of being pinned to the ground by three armed cops then having a needle forcibly stuck in your arm... Whats the word im looking for? Oh yeah: Police State. :wave:
  14. Fuck that shit, take the breathilizer.

    Or don't drink and drive fucking retards.
  15. ^^^ this

    the simplest way to avoid this is to take the breath test. They cannot take the blood unless you refuse the breath test.
  16. Someone i know had to have blood taken from him many times and one time this unprofessional mother fucker broke off the needle in him. As soon as this happens by a cop who forcibly takes blood from someone you can bet there will be a suit and that it will be outlawed. Also, what about the people who have weak veins, or have blood conditions? this is so stupid
  17. This is insanity. There is no way I would ever let any officer take my blood. I tell my doctors that I refuse having blood drawn, there is no way a cop is going to get my blood without beating it out of me.
  18. Fuck, I gotta move
  19. You sure about that? What if they swear you look high? That's still DUI.
    So then if they do get the blood, what is the criteria by which you "fail" the test? Any trace of THC means you fail? Slippery slope.

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