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  1. Luckily I wasn't with them but a few of my friends got pulled over while they were going to souther illinois university to visit some people. My friend driving got charged with possession of alchol, possession of drug paraphanelia, cannabis, and DUI cannabis. My other friend got charged with a fake id, and possession of cannabis, alcohol, and paraphanelia.

    My friend that got the DUI cannabis is convinced that he's going to go to jail for like 2 days, but I find that to be far-fetched. The other friend that got charged with the fake id is straight tweaking because its a class 4 felony.

    Both of these kids are 18 and the driver is the only one with prior offenses on his record (writing a fake police report and a possession charge previously).

    I've been charged with possession of alcohol, bud, and paraphanelia before in a car but I was 16 or 17 at the time, not driving, and just got my license suspended 3 months and a $365 fine which sucked to pay off so I can't really relate because I was a minor.

    Has similar charges occurred to anyone before/what happened?
  2. my friend and i got pulled over in a fuckin state park in illinois and he got a weed dui. he lost his license for like 6 months and had to pay a grand or 2 in fines plus lawyer fees. he never went to jail for it. haha he got fucked and all i got was a seatbelt ticket :cool:
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    Looking at illinoise law.. seems likes your buddy might get hammered. Illionois is a 0 tolerance state and presumably ur buddy is under 21? So thats a two year automatic license suspension if the DUI sticks.

    Probably like a big fine (in CA around 2K), program, 2-5 years court probation, MAYBE a day or two jail, (maybe not though and probably could do work release)..

    Both will have to wait until the deals are offered - both would do very well to seek out legal advice. If they cannot afford an attorney - ask for one to be appointed. Tell them not plead to anything until they get GOOD legal advise.

    Sometimes DUI MJ cases can be hard to prove.. but who knows what your friend said or copped to..

    From Illinois website:
    which is similar to CA so thats pretty ugly stuff.

    Sorry no good news but these are very serious charges for your friends.

    Hopefully they get a good deal.

  4. my friend recently got popped for a dwi of xanax and herb ..
    got 40 bars confiscated .. prolly get intent to sell ..

    anyway about a year n a half ago i also got pulled over pretty messed up on xanax ..
    it was my first time ever takin one and it was very irresponsible of me to drive ..
    long story short i got pulled over .. got asked where i was goin n i said the freeeway

    "sir, your on the freeway" was his response lol ..
    i was like wellllllll then ...

    but nah i didnt get charged wit dui .. i only got possesion while drivin =) .. still got my license suspended but its all good .. i still drive .. jus very low key
  5. how did they test to see whether your friend was under the influence?
  6. They can't. It's all in the officers judgment.

    That's why you almost never see Cannibus DUI's in California, it never holds up, and the cops know it.

    What is the cop going to say to the court? "I think he was stoned 2 weeks ago when I pulled him over!"

  7. yeah what they do is piss test you, which is nowhere near a accurate way of telling if somone lit or not.. total bullshit!
  8. or theyll take your blood

    either way

    same outcome
  9. lol "weed dui" is stupid.
  10. i got into an accident while smoking with a couple of my buddies wasnt my fault.
    but the cops said they smelled weed , i kept tellling them i didnt smoke , he says i failed the field sobriety test witch is total bullshit. license got suspended for six months and im going back in 2 weeks for sententing
  11. dont you mean FUI. Flying under the influence!
  12. I got arrested for a DUI for narcotics in Missouri, baisicly weed, because my car smelt like bud and the cops said "we can tell by looking at your eyes that theres drugs present in your system" after I took about 6 sobriety tests.
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    In WA, there is no distinction between DUI (alcohol), and DUI, (any other substance). Same minimum fine, same minimum sentence. 24 hrs, $860 fine, alcohol/drug eval, follow reccomendations of eval to the letter, 1yr supervised probation, 1 year unsupervised probation, Submission of arrest and detainment fees, pay for jail when you surrender yourself, random UA's throughout probation, reimburse Public Defender fee if you have ANY job, installation of a breathalyzer for 1 year, suspension of license for 90 days. Breathalyzer costs $204 for install, and $88/mo. Out of my DUI, I figured I paid close to $2500 over the course of 1 year.

    Yeah, WA DUI laws are pretty steep. I'll never again drive under the influence of ANYTHING.

  14. Be careful about that, I heard around my area (Manitoba, Canada) they have this new shit out similar to a breathyliser except it's sole purpose is to check for cannabis-impaired drivers.
  15. Yeah, I've heard that one before. :rolleyes: The "Weedalizer" The suspect confesses to the officer that he's been toking, (since all communications with suspects are recorded and/or have a witness officer, it is conclusive evidence to bring it to the DA for prosecution, and obtain a conviction.)

    Never admit shit to the police. Keep your mouth shut.
  16. word, a lot of shit could be avoided if people just fucking shut their mouths.
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    I actually learned about that in my DUI class. :)

    (The teacher was more concerned with teaching us how not to get busted, and not be dumb-asses, then spewing state propaganda. I actually liked the class, and thought it was worth the $100 it cost to take it.) We talked about how unconstitutional the national 0.08BAC was, how the feds extort the states into following along, (highway money), (I'm actually the one who brought up highway money extortion), and I informed the teacher/class about the cheapest SR-22 insurance in the state.

    (eSurance is only $48/mo for minimum coverage). He called BS, until I pulled it up on my laptop and proved my case. He then incorporated the doctrine of "shop around" into the class for the next 45 miniutes). :D It's easy to work the man against himself when you have evidence and witnesses to back you up. :)
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    yeah that is" usually" if you refuse a piss test

    edit:: ohh and in some states...... If you get a DUI under the legal drinking age, after you become legal and get a DUI, that newest DUI counts as a 1st offense.... but if the DUI you got first was for lets say.. marijuana.. newest offense is counted as a second offense since there is no legal age to burn.. aint that some shit?
  19. bout the same here in Arizona. I got a D.U.I At 19 and another at 20..needlesstosay I have had my vehicle taken away. (SUCKS!!) and a 2year suspension of my license and 4 months in jail. i also have a HEAP of fines and lawyer fees as well..i wasnt even drunk on either one,..i had 2 beers(SERIOUSLY) and im 6',3" tall so i felt fine enough to drive...it wasnt like I got hammered and went driving, i had just left a friends house where i had smoked a couple blunts n i wanted to get back home to MY BED!! thats all. but yea 4 months in a correctional facility is fukin boring as hell!! nothing to do but re-live the night of the arest in my mind! DONT DO SHIT BEFORE YOU DRIVE IN ARIZONA!:smoking:
  20. I got kicked out of Arizona once.. :D

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