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do you do that?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. i think your going to change the poll again

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  4. my poll damnit :)

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  1. I think its funny that im staring down at the bottom of the page looking to see whos on and waiting for them to post.
  2. I have the feeling that I am doing the same.
  3. huh huh :) :)
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  4. I need a holiday!

  5. Go Superjoint Go!
  6. i have nothing to do. its labor day.
  7. you guys seem really bored today. Hey, by the way, I have been checking out the help files/FAQs. Nice job. Who is the one responsible for this. Also, lots of nice features for personal profiles. very good work.
  8. im not bored. im haveing fun playing around.
  9. Hey I started to get something done today, but totally fucked my back lifting a ladder, so I sit here stupefied on Tylenol 3's. (Damn I hate being out of weed). And yes, I'm having fun too ;)
  10. broke your back on labor day? you shouldnt be doing any work on labor day. did you learn your lession? jk, hope u get better and find some grass.

  11. Damn straight, I learned my lesson! These pills help out a lot, sure glad I keep a supply on hand :).
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  12. Glad everyone's having fun today. This place does get a little addicting doesn't it? Sorry to hear about your back stony, hope you heal fast, those T-3s help a little, but a nice fat doobie would probably do much better, huh? Wish you were closer, I'd be happy to share what I have with you.
  13. Looks and feels good S.J. congrats.
    (I'll be surprised if this works.)

    .spanstyle {
    COLOR: darkblue; 
    FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; 
    FONT-SIZE: 8pt;
    FONT-WEIGHT: bold; 
    POSITION: absolute; 
    TOP: -50px; 
    VISIBILITY: visible
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <BODY BGCOLOR=#ffffff vlink=#0000ff style="OVERFLOW-X: hidden; OVERFLOW-Y: scroll; WIDTH: 100%" onLoad="makesnake();">
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  14. Thanks, guys. :)
  15. Wow, when I go into this thread, my cursor has a tracer of "grasscity.com-free the herb" WHoooaaaa, and the letters do cool things when you move the mouse around real fast! Who did that!!?????
  16. I think crazy roach did this :)


    Coolio, but don't overdo it!!!
  17. Yea ,he:) he :)It was me.
    Even at 50 you can learn a few new things.
    Great site ! Can't say it enough.Fast ,clean ,great!
    Everything...in moderation ,jscripts included.


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