Dugouts! Lets Discuss the Pros - Cons - Favorites of the Classic Toke System

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  1. Dugouts have been around for 40 years, accepted as a toking tool, and that doesn't happen if a toke system hasn't some how resonated with the masses.
    What are the details within those four decades as to how the dugout has effected toker's lives?
    Some new tokers don't know what a dugout is & hopefully we can illuminate on the pros & cons of this classic system to give a bit of a history lesson.

    Give your thoughts, your honest individual assessment of the dugout system, pictures of your favorite dugout, stories of the dugout being there for you when you needed it ... or if it was not.

    Here is my rendition of the dugout one hitter, the MAGDUG! MAGDUG_DUGOUT_ONE_HITTER_&_BATT_PIPE.JPG
  2. They've been around alot longer then 40 years
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  3. The dugout is a storage / consumption system for tobacco or weed... that apparently has been around for more than 40 years.
    Early 60's is what I'm thinking... Or at least that's when it was utilized by the weed community and is no longer known as a tobacco taster.
    But no one thought of including a loading tool, so I did. image.jpeg image.jpeg
  4. Nice, mine is a simple green wood box with the cig. Wish I had a loader for it
  5. No law against owning 2 dugouts man ... as if that would stop us anyway!

  6. I love my dugout it's my go to setup for out and about since it's quicker and more stealthy than my pax 2. Had to laugh a couple of the younger guys I work with had no clue what a dugout was

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  7. I too have a love for the dugout! Unless there is a nicely filled tasty cone for smoke'n I only use a dugout.
    Vape is not going away of course but for some reason I prefer the taste of smoking & the reassurance that I don't have to worry about the possibility of failing components... dugout, weed & flame then we're good to go!
    The fact that they did not know what a dugout was is a testament to really good marketing in the vape industry.
    What was their opinion of the dugout smoke system you were using? Did they recognize it's merits?
  8. Gotta love bud :)

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