Dugout pipes are prety much the most awesome thing ever

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Crox1, May 26, 2009.

  1. I just got one this weekend and I absolutely love it already. It's extremely convenient to be be able to grind up weed whenever you want, stick it in the chamber, and then put the dugout in your pocket (and no big bulge like a bowl!) and smoke whenever and almost wherever (because it's so subtle) you like. It's very efficient, too; do to the small bowl size, there's no fear of packing a big bowl and then finding you don't really want it all.

    Anyone else a fan?
  2. yea dugouts are awesome. its so subtle and easy to get around. the one problem i have is filling it is a pain
  3. To be honest, I've never owned one because they all come with metal pipes. As soon as I can find one that holds my cigarette-looking glass one-hitter, I'll be onboard.
  4. Eh its kind of a fad, the metal bowl gets clogged with resin real easy and its not a bowl you pass around in a circle but i do agree its perfect for smoking by yourself while on the go
  5. They are perfect for roaches. That's primarily what we use ours for. You can keep roaches in the supposed-to-be weed container and then throw them in the onie for a quick roach kill. I would never smoke bud out of them unless being stealth was necessary.
  6. Great for concerts, but I just repack cigarettes for them. And the bowl does clog really easily.

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