Dugout or Metal Pipe?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Aaron6484, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. So I just got enough money to buy a new piece. I've gotten caught a lot in the the past (parents, authorities, security, etc.) The money I have now will allow me to buy either a dugout and a grinder, plus a gram of dank, or a small metal pipe and a dub. What do you think would be better, considering I need to conserve weed and stay discreet.
  2. the dugout/one hitter for sure. I use my one hitter more than anything just be sure to keep a collection of paper clips to clean it out. If it was a glass bowl it would be a harder decision but since its metal and if you get the dugout you get a grinder, i would do just that.
  3. Dugout. Metal taste like shi*
  4. Dugouts are the fucking best. Definitely don't get a grinder if you get one tho
  5. So don't grind the ganja before I put it in the dugout?
  6. If you grind it up too fine the weed will suck through
  7. Na the dugout practically grinds it itself
  8. i grind and i have no problems just let the resin build.
  9. Then when the resin heats up thatll shi* in your mouth, too. Keep it clean!

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