Dugout/one-hitter questions

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    How do you see inside them to get the weed out?

    Any way I turn it in my hands or move it around, shadows make it too dark. Either my head's blocking the ceiling light or the shadow from the open lid is. Due to my physical limitations, I always use this when seated.

    What's a good, sturdy reaming tool that will fit inside the dugout?

    Something besides a paper clip, please.

    Is there any kind of a disposable lighter holder I can find?

    Thanks all!
  2. If u wanna see to the bottom of ur dugout then good luck. Lol. I've found that the only quick way is to use the sun on a bright sunny day. It seems like the shadow of ur head always interferes if u try to look under artificial lighting. I have a little pocket knife that fits perfectly into my dugout, and i made a poker out of a piece of wire hanger for breakin up the goodies in my dugout.

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