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dugout help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ST1LE, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. yo got me a dugout and have a little problem... the weed i get is too sticky for the little compartment, like it will pack like two little bowls and then it all clumps too the bottom like a sticky rock, no matter how i break it up,

    any way to make the weed dry enough not too be sticky or something, (i mean its dry and shit just sticky wit glands) witout buying shittier weed.
  2. Wait a min. I don't get what you are saying. You are suppose to put the weed in the bigger compartment and then use the open end of the dugout to get the weed out and also pack it.
  3. i guess you could use a blow dryer or microwave.. but i say fuck the dugout.. more problems then its worth for keeping your weed in there. but thats just my $.02

  4. that's what he means

    the best solution for this problem is to grind the weed fine, also keep in mind that the longer you leave it in the dugout, the drier the weed will get because the wood absorbs the moisture in the plant material, thus making it easier to pack.. You should also put a lot of downward force and a strong twisting motion when you're loading up your hits in the bat

  5. besides doing what he said, you can keep a paperclip with you. thats what i do. cuz i know what ya mean, theres nothin worst when your tryin to smoke and ya cant get your bat packed
  6. DUDE!!!! Last night I was out of bud, and I was looking for some, I found a little nugget in my drawer, but in my dugout there was a full BP of some Afghani I had!!! I was so pumped I just dug my bat in smoked, and then there was enough for another one!

    Weed def does stick down there though, and it's hard as hell to tell if there's anything in there
  7. i feel ya... :smoke: but tonight found the solution... blunt :p
  8. never downgrade weed because its too sticky.


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