Dug Out Systems? What do you think?

Discussion in 'General' started by StevenHawking, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. For those of you who use/own one, what do you think of it? If you could, explain why you like/dislike it, because I'm thinking about getting myself one. I'm a smoker who only wants to smoke a little bit at a time usually, so this seems perfect. Thanks!! :hello:
  2. I've never had one. Everyone I've seen with one loves it though. I wouldn't have it as my main peice but it's deffinitly nice to have on the run, as is any one hitter. You can't really go wrong investing in any glass.
  3. i was at my little shop today and i was reeeaaaally thinking about getting a dugout with 2 bats for 20 bucks but instead i got a little 4 piece grinder for the same price cause i needed one anyway.

    but if this thread continues and people actually have some good reasons for dug out systems, i might consider buying one. my sobe's bowl is about as big as a one hitter and it gets me completely ripped...

  4. Alright thanks for the tip, I think I may just pick one out from grasscity here, when I'm finally into college. If I do I'll probably post some pics and stuff as a little journal somewhere about it.

    Nice dude, you got a pic of that thing?!

    NOTE: I'll be gone on vacation like this week, so you can post or PM me, that would be really super! Thanks!
  5. I'll tell you this; if you're taking a train trip, and you need a discrete way to smoke up, a dugout is your bathroom buddy! Helps conserve too!

  6. Heh, yeah I agree with this..When I was living with my parents, I would use mine in the bathroom before jumping in the shower. Ah, I loved taking a few small hits and showering. [​IMG]

    I think its a wise investment! I say get a grinder first though, makes it so much easier to load the dug out up. I took my dugout everywhere with me. its relatively discreet and the smell isnt very strong after using it. For the price, I cant believe how much I used it. My only complaint is finding a comparable bat sold seperatly, the bat I got with the dugout was sweet, sharp edges for easy loading, perfect size, and made very well. I never found one like it at my local head shops.
  7. they are pretty nice ciggarette blocks - haha covert
  8. Excellent, just from these two testimonials, I think I might hard pressed to find a reason NOT to get one. As for finding the right bat, well I think I'll order one with the bat included off of grasscity, and probably get a grinder too! Thanks! Oh, and other people can post their testimonials, the more good reviews, the better!
  9. I've never personally owned one, but it was my friend's (and consequently my) main piece for a very long time. It conserves weed, gets you nice and high, it's stealth as shit, especially for smoking in the car. Great for a road trip, just pack it up, and cash it then pass the whole apparatus to the next person.

    One bad thing about it, if you're really trying to get zooted, the bat can get pretty damn hot, even with controlled lighting. It's still a good investment though.
  10. Well, I at least have a pipe and bong to get really high. When I was up in maine, I almost bought one (wicked expensive, like 34 bucks) but then realized it would be cheaper still to order it from this site! So, when I get my computer set up in college, I'll order one, thanks you guys for your help :D
  11. I answer this question every time it comes up, because I love my dugout so much.
    Pros: Concerves weed, use it a few (one to three) times a day to get nice and high, but doesn't kill tolerances for a couple bowl session, and I can (and do) smoke in a large crowd of people.
    Cons: Please. Maybe the ease and fun of it will make you smoke more? How is that bad?
    Anyway, after the chamber is loaded the first time it gets easier to pack the bowl because a nice base of packed weed lines the bottom instead of the wood, making for tight, high quality bowls of some fine bud.
    Hooray baseball. (Thats the first time I've ever said that; what man sport is called for rain? But thats another discussion.)

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