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  1. My grow period has gone from indefinite... To 4-6 weeks I have to harvest.

    I'm only about 7 weeks into veg. Is there anything I can do to make this a successful grow? Being my first grow I'd hate to have all my hard work, studying, and money be wasted... But it is what it is. I understand my yield would be seriously compromised in almost all aspect. But is it even possible to have a successful bloom or flowering stage? What would be the absolute fastest you think I could have it complete to where it could be cut? I'm growing a sour diesel and 4 Louie's at the moment, in soil, 4th week of nutes that began in week 3. The grow is going smoothly after some rocky starts but everything is perfect, a tad of stretching going on but nothing to wild, they love that volcanic ash they are like thriving ever since I added it.

    But anyway if I were to sudden flip it over to 12/12 in a day or two how long do you think I would need? I'll try my best to make it happen. But the quicker the better. They are thirsty... Need a watering in a day or two... Should I wait and water them after the 12/12 with my flowering nutes? Or give them one more veg feeding and switch them right after that?

    Sorry guys this has just been spring on me suddenly did not think id be reverting to flower stage for another 4 weeks or so. So I have not been able to complete an official game plan.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Bump?

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  3. Ide use plain water after I flip to 12/12 begining of next dark period, if u kno u have a limited time and want to get bud out of it , ide wait to start ur npk nutes till after at least 2 plain water feedings it will flush some N aswell as minimize chance of nute related stress
  4. i dont understand your problem tbh
    but if you only have 6 weeks to flower in i would say flip asap or you wont get no buds
  5. I say flip now and go with regular water this next drink they get. It'll take about a week for them to be in full flowering swing of things.
  6. Flip and rock out 6 weeks. We just took a space dawg and a Qush down in 45 days and allthough the weight isnt there, the flowers are realy nice for 6+ weeks

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    Point beeing u still can get bud but I would flip like now

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  7. Flower as long as possible. Strip sugar leaves and buds from stem and make some BHO. If you have been vegging for 7 weeks this should give you a pretty decent chunk of material to work with.

    Go the extra mile after that and make some edibles if you want for a larger return. Depending if there is a market for that sort of thing In your area.

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