Due to recent comments from the White House...

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  1. No...Let them throw away money at this useless, made-up monster.

    Throw it all at us...We have a lot of fire, it will make good kindling while we muster through the court process and you go into another fuckin' depression.

    Do it...I fuckin' dare you.
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  2. I don't think an outright ban will happen, mainly due to the fact that over 70% of Americans approve of both medical and recreational. But I do see them getting involved. I can see home growing being banned. Possible restrictions of THC count. Higher Taxes. Higher Restrictions. Etc...

    But still...a signature couldn't hurt.

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  3. They will throw the weight of the DEA at us, shovel through the court system...Appeals, and there will be a whole fuckin' lot of appeals. By the end of it Trump will be gone before any of those cases end, but not before the United States has needlessly thrown billions of tax dollars into it.

    And then I can swoop into the 2020 election as the true speaker to My People and correct the ship, going down in the annals of history as one of the greatest World Leaders.

    Viva La Revolucion! El Presidente Gives Us Freedom! #OZA42020!:coolalt:
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  4. Fuck the White House and politics...they can both suck me :p

    Funny how everyone's all worried now bc Trump's in office & most pot smokers are flaming liberals. Nobody was saying shit when Obama was having dispensaries raided at a rate that would've made Harry Anslinger jerk off in his coffin.

    I don't feel fear...I'm gonna keep growing these weeds, no matter who's President or what they say about cannabis. A head full of fears has no room from dreams, mayne :smoking:
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  5. Let's just get rid of the establishment
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  6. I could see them banning concentrates and stepping up on SWI (Stoned while driving).
    Yet amber waves of grain frequently flow from your local tap, inebriating the masses.
    I'm not against booze, but Its a lot more damaging than the herb.

    If they ban concentrates and keep bud legal, it would be the same as banning hard liquor vs. beer
    But you cant OD on concentrates, whereas a young/small person who gets a hold of a fifth of their parents shit end up dead from alcohol poisoning, if they don't know how to drink or are stupid with it.

    I might be slightly off topic, but its what it made me think of.
  7. They may go after rec shops, which wouldn't hurt my feelings. The DEA does not have the money to go after every home grow in legal states. Going after shops alone will cost billions above and beyond the 20 billion or so they already spend each year. Too many states already have medical for them to back track, they would never win the fight.
  8. Maybe, but isn't the cat out of the bag? Homemade concentrates are pretty easy to make these days!

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  9. Right... As long as people have the equipment to make the oil they'll just buy or grow the bud, and make their own. Alcohol is similar in that people can buy home brew kits for wine, moonshine, or beer. They're limited to how much they can make as well.. I know for wine it's something on the order of 1000 or so bottles per head of household... So a couple could have double that... They can't sell their products, unless they get a liscense, which is rarely granted. A lot of people will trade or barter for items or ingredients. I'm REALLY surprised home stills for making moonshine is a thing... It could blow up on you I'd imagine, or you could poison yourself from not cleaning correctly. Which they could probably say the same about some hash extractions... In non legal states we have people slanging butane soup and I haven't heard of anyone dieing.

    ahh it will be a good day when a guy can trade stuff he's grown for other product or services.

    Trading bud for fertilizer or grow material.... Start the cycle over.

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  10. Concentrate sales are booming here. While in the wait room yesterday, besides the Trump mess...Rosin pressing was the main topic of discussion. Picked up some LA OG Microbuds to press.
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  11. Hats off to whoever discovered Rosin pressing! Safe, cheap, easy, and effective. I just realized that my homemade stash is composed of juice from at least 6 different strains. WHOOOA...killer, and you cannot get anything like it in a store! The picture was after I pressed a small nug of Blueberry last night. I always dab a small bit from each run, prior to putting it into a silicon container.

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  12. Extractions using gas such as butane or co2 are already illegal at home here in Colorado.

    "32 hash oil explosions happened in 2014 in Colorado, six of them in El Paso County. ... The new law makes manufacturing hash oil with butane or an open flame a class two felony. It's a charge punishable by up to 16 years behind bars. Before the law, charging someone after a hash oil explosion was difficult.Jul 1, 2015"
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