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Due to necessity

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by diverse1, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. TOKERS!! Hi yall, just little stoner me from South Alabama saying hi. I love the site and plan on staying around for a while. I posted some strange sign news in the general forum and found at least one other person who has seen these "anti-drug" signs. Very disturbing they are. I have been pondering the idea of indoor growing for some time now, and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a black thumb grower like me? I really need to grow my own, since it looks like I am going to be sober until I get my first batch harvested. Shit-weed is going for $200 / oz here in Lower Alabama right now. THAT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!
    Anyhoot, let me know please the best way to start out, I am germaciding some seeds right now, so I guess I have a few days to get my shit together......
    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. 200 dollars a zone? im from mobile and ive never came across it that high!!what part of bama u from?

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