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  1. How do you dry your mop?  I recently tried a blow dryer, can't figure out why I haven't blown dry sooner.  That shit is like magic for hair.  It kinda gives me a donald trump hairdoo though haha.  I used to just rub my head with a towel and it would get all curly and tangled and shit, but I dgaf. 
    So other GC mop-heads do you blow dry, towel rub, air dry, chick style with a towel wrapped around your head, something else?
    and ladies, opinions on the long hair please

  2. Used to have long hair, almost to my nipples. Only air dry.
  3. Hair used to be 14 inches long, I would wrap in towel for 5-10 mins then go outside for a smoke/sesh and air dry.  Only used a blow dryer if I was in a hurry.
    But I chopped that off a while ago, saving like $20/month on shampoo now its great.
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    Yeah my mom got me hooked on this honey shampoo, eden is the brand. Was like 40 bucks for a 20 oz bottle but worth every penny.
  5. My hair reaches down to about the middle of my shoulder blades. I just towel dry it a bit and then let it air dry. I dry it enough so its not dripping everywhere, but gets my shirt damp where my hair lays. When it dries it looks awesome
  6. Air dry all the way. I wait til it's nearly dry then brush it
  7. besides swimming/hot tubbing, I have never once air dryed, is it really that good?  I don't think I could stand my hair being wet for that long and it's shorter than most of your guys's, 6 inches or so of curly mop :D
  8. TMI!!
  9. I have a buzzcut on my head. But my pubes are down to my knees. Blow drying is a bit dangerous because it can burn. I get six out of seven of my bitches on their knees to blow on it themselves til its dry.
  10. I use a towel immediately out of shower then let it air dry. A couple head shakes like a dog helps also

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  11. dry with a cotton tee (google it) and then air it out ~

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  12. This is the best way to minimize frizz
  13. Long hair is alright, but dem beards tho.
  14. I can't judge you OP until I see pics
  15. is it a pain in the ass to shampoo your long hair? 
    youse a dude int ya? fo get uh bowt it

    No, just use a shitload. 
  17. Do you guys have the curly wavy or straight hair? Mine was straight but curved slightly at the foot mark.
  18. Beards are the true pain to dry.. Though necessary, walking outside in the winter and having your beard turn into a hair ice cube is pretty messed up, do not recommend!
  19. Got pretty long dreads and a moderately long beard. Always towel dry then air dry.

  20. I towel dry and it seems to make it very curly and tangly.  Its annoying.  I guess ill try blow drying my hair next time.
    This is my first time having my hair as long as it is.

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