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  1. Okay so you guys helped me way back when my ladies were seedlings and again when you helped me identify a male. I am very grateful and now I think this will be my final issue (god i fucking hope)
    Anyway, I got 2 plants left (1 purple haze, 1 white widow) and this is week 7 of budding. Over the past week, both of them have been acting funny in sort of different ways.
    The purple haze plant seems to be burning. Mostly fan leaves but 1 or 2 sugar leaves as well. 
    The white widow fan leaves are turning yellow and spotting and ultimately shriveling up and falling off.
    I am almost 100 percent positive the burning in the purp plant is a reaction to nutrients because my temps are fine and the other plant right next to it under the same HPS light is not burning at all.
    I am suspecting I must have pulled a stoner move and fed them 2 consecutive waterings in a row rather than every other week like I have been doing the whole grow.
    Am I right? and if so... should I just flush them and hope that the budding continues?
    Help a brotha out! Here is pics


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  2. the yellowing is normal during flowering but the third pic looks burnt

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    yeah that is the purple haze that looks like nute burn though right? not light burn? I am almost positive I accidentally fed them twice in a row
    EDIT: ^^no way to know for sure because, you guessed it, i was very stoned
  4. lol make a list of feedings and make sure u always check it off after u feed so that doesnt happen again

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  5. Actually looks like a P or K deficiency along with messed up PH. Feeding your plants twice in a row once, on accident, should not do that to your plants.
  6. This is what I do. I got a 2'x3' dry erase board off eBay for $20.

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    shit for real? fuck! I have been using the same tap water all grow any idea why all the sudden this would be happening? 
    And if its a phosphorus or potassium deficiency, wouldn't the fact that I fed twice in a row help that? I'm feeding them Dyna Gro BLOOM which has phosphorus for days (3-12-6).
    I am not doubting you I am just hoping to understand since this is my first grow I need to learn everything I can!
  8. I would just recommended using a flushing agent for that one with nute burn.  Find something that will unlock salt build ups in soil and that will balance ph.  Sometimes as well I have found that different strains are more "Sensitive" to fertilizers so gotta just feel out the plant.  Usually if I start to notice discoloration or unnatural wilting with super dark leaves I will flush and back off on nutes.  If they are yellowing prematurely then usually that is a sign of nitrogen deficiency so give them a boost in nitrogen. Yellowing in the last two to three weeks is normal though just like any plant leaves die off at different times not all at once so don't freak out if you see a couple of leaves starting to yellow.
  9. Does it have Micronutrients in it?
    Yes it has like 0.0015 Cobalt, 0.05 copper, 0.1 Iron, etc. Maybe I do have a pH problem and those are getting locked out somehow? I really don't know but the buds (with the exception of one or two sugar leaves) don't seem to have a problem they are getting bigger and hairier and stinkier every day. 
    And just to be clear, are you referring to the darker burnt leaves in pictures 3 and 5?
    the rest of the pictures are of my much larger white widow plant that is growing super fast but this past week, almost all of the fan leaves are turning yellow, not just the lower ones. 
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    do you have any recommendations? I flushed the plants with tap water last night about 2 hours before the lights went out. I checked them today and no real noticeable changes to either of the plants leaves but the buds are bigger than they were yesterday which is always great news!
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    it will take more than one day to flush out the nute lock.  Keep just using straight water until you do notice the difference.  If still no difference in a couple days then I would use a flushing solution to help your situation. Just don't overwater when flushing that will cause even more problems.  Also you should water right when the lights turn on not before they are about to turn off.
    I don't think I have ever once overwatered my plants. I have always poured just enough so that water runs out of the bottom and I water slowly too! At this stage, they are in 3 gallon pots and usually about 3/4 gallon is the exactly what the plants want.
    I just thought of this--they are most definitely root bound and have been for about a week now I didn't even put this together but could that be why they are acting funny?? I am NOT transplanting them anymore at this point though no matter what. They are in week 7 of flowering I feel like that might be worse for the plant then just letting it be rootbound for these next 2 weeks
  14. no i wouldn't say that they are root bound.  I have used 3 and 5 gallon pots all the way to the end just with less of a veg cycle.  I have also seen others over water and that is why I had brought it up. If your good on that then your good.  So my best guess then is that the strain of plant is more sensitive to the nutrients that you are using then the other is so just back off on your nutrient intake on that strain.  Also if you are using any type of powdered micro nutrient then make sure that you clean your watering can other whatever device you use to dispense your solution regularly in order to make sure you are not getting any type of build up there.  I have had problems in the past with trace amounts of leftover micro residue in my watering can that I didn't notice at the time but it did have a negative effect on my plants, so just watch for that.

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