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DUdes gettin some headies!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, May 24, 2006.

  1. Goin to pick up a 1.2 bag of bubblegum crossed w/ something.. 25 but guys legit on everything so its gonna be hot ill try to get a pic for this shit..
  2. Well .. the pics wont be nessacary because it doesnt look amazing .. but the smell is FUCKIN OUT THERE! (very unique hairs but looks wet bud very sticky.. cant wait so savin this bud .. i think.. for saturday!) [if i can make it right]
  3. take a pic =(
  4. for real BJ i want some pics man :(
  5. :( i have a cam but i lost the cord .. well get a pic up a friend has a digi.. its notin too special lookin .. near beasters .. but i have it in pocket in a pretty damn thick bag and it RREEEKS

    ..tommrow ill see if i can go over his hosue to use the cam :\ just smoked a bowl of half this shit half beasters (well lil more gum / beasters .. i put beast at bottem so i didnt suck into bub by accident!) .. and snorted the 2nd 30mg adderal XR .. my drip jsut went away so in about 10 more mins ima start peakin on that.. and the weed taste great and the high is toatly head high

    and omg the fuckin ituens shit
    plays the song right and at the last few seconds
    it fades it for u
    and plays next song for me
    it sounds soooo cool
    i can listen to like 10510501 songs at once and not notice haha
  6. only 1.2 gs? aww
  7. enjoy the tasty smoke, headies are like candy.

  8. \
    woulda baught more but already had an eigthh of reg dank and didnt really have te $$ + he only had 2 left and some chicks were gettin the one and he saved 1 for me .. very nice high

    heh i didnt sleep last night took that dam addeal to late
  9. yeah i got my iTunes to fade in from song to song, you should set the sound settings to whatever genre of music you are listening to, it sounds great. Anyway enjoy that bubblegum, im wating to get a 1/8th of blueberry for 50, i cant wait but i gotta get paid first.

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