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  1. I just raided my fridge and found a box of pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars. I also saw some barbecue sauce right next to it.

    Yes, they do taste delicious together.

    I suggest you all try it if you haven't already. I know I hadn't before tonight. Seriously though, delicious.
  2. another one: mac and cheese with applesauce = EPIC.
    anyone got more food combinations that sound like they'd be gross but are actually delicious?
    (wrong forum btw, but whatever)
  3. fritos and hersheys chocolate!!!!!!! trust me, it's delicious :hello: :hello: :hello:
  4. Doritos and cream cheese.
  5. peanut butter and rotisserie chicken :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  6. lol nice thread im baked...um bologna and cheese sanwich with mayo and penutbutter YUM!!:smoke:
  7. Pizza and hot sauce for the motherfucking win!
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  9. beagle-puppies-for-sale1.gif i know it sounds odd but try it man

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  10. Doritos and any kind of vanilla yogurt is cool one. The sweetness of the yogurt really brings your tummy together after the chips.
  11. Just had some pizza, mmm.

    It was funny, we ordered it and the pizza guy was like HEY MAN! I look and it was an old friend. Made me laugh.

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