Dude, you look like your gonna die

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    I thought i would follow suit and make my first post a story.

    Alright so back in grade ten i had been taking percocets once in a while, and always had a good time. Util the day i accsadently (not so much more like dident know this would fuck me over) took some percs after using some tylenol (not in search of recreational effects, but because of a sore neck) I took the tylenol at first period, and the percs during first beak (about 45 minuites in between the two points in time) so i go to second period and started feeling the effects. At lunch i went to my friends house to smoke (i live in canada and its alot less sketchy to bring weed and whatnot to school, its actually the easiest place to get weed imo)

    This is when it gets bad, after about 3 bowls, all of the suddon i started feeling funny. Upon scraching my arm i realized i was COVERED in sweat (i dont usually sweat) So i asked the owner of the house for a glass of water, and when it arrived i chugged the entire thing, and felt 100% better..... for about a minuite when i had the exact same feeling, i was pretty worried at this point, i ended up spending the rest of lunch chugging water and smoking bongs.

    When i arrive back at school i head straight to the water fountan, then to look for a water bottle (i had to go to class soon and i knew i needed water to last me a while), then back to the fountan, and again until i had to go to class, i spent this class with my head down on my desk, asking every 5 minuites to use the washroom, by last period i was fine. all in all pretty shitty experience but it deff dident make me stop doing the percs as i doubled my dose from that day the day after:D

    anyone else have to go through this shit?
    -Soko The MJ Loco

    In all the other times i used these NONE of the thing that happend that day happened, there was something differant that day and seeing how i only woke up a hour or 2 at most hours b4 the pill popping commenced i dont see how anything else could of effected it
  2. also i forgot to mention "dude, you look like your gonna die" was the line from mmy friend who i made feel how much i was sweating
  3. Done percs a few times. Sounds like quite an expereience lol.
  4. Thats some scary shit man. An allergic reaction maybe..?
  5. no its due to mixing percs and over the counter pain killers... is at least what im told, and seems to be correct, cuz it never happened the other times i did them
  6. i used to look like a walking fresh corpse everyday for about 3 years... dead looking grey eyes, pale white skin, and always sweating
  7. NO defently no first off howe many milligrams where they cuz if there the 5 or the 10s the the have tylenol in them anyway, but i only fuck with the 30s that are actualy ocs cuz they have no tylenol
    but yea its deffenetly not due to taking tylenol you just might have taken too many percs for your body to handle or you might have been mistaking a good jam for getting sick cuz sometimes bein jamed can make you sweat and feel like that
  8. easy...dont do drugs....smoke dank
  9. go pop some tylenol and some percs and tell me how you feel
    because i know ive taken more percs then that day, i took twice as many the next day as mentioned in my post
    but anyway if you think im wrong thats cool, but im 90% sure it was the tylenol
  10. i have no clue how strong they were but if it helps they were called endocets
  11. Yeah percs contain acetaminophen aka Tylenol, and mixing it with some Tylenol that you had already taken caused this. You liver has been scarred due to this, so don't repeat it.

    Every Tylenol OD I've seen has been like this, it's not a fun experience.
  12. I remember one time after blazing my friends and I were walking somewhere to get something to eat, and I started sweating a ton. By the time we got to the place I looked like I had got right out of a swimming pool. Never happened again, but ill never forget that weird shit.
  13. i think i would have said f school.
  14. something almost exactly happened to me at school once.

    me and my friend were wayyy into pills when we were freshmen.i mean like poppin 8-10 oxycotin a day.(he had the key to his dads pharmacy,so we never spent a dime to feed our habit.)and this one time i did some blow before i came to school.and by the time we met for our daily medication administration at the drinking fountain i was pretty burnt out so i thought it would be fine if i did the pills.

    badddd mistake.i spent the rest of the day sitting on the floor in front of a fan in my history class.(it was the second to last day of school,we didnt have any work).

    it was really scary.i was shaking,sweating,i was short of breath.i probably would have started freaking if i wasnt well educated in hard drug abuse.

    b r e a t h s l o w l y most important lesson learned haha.
  15. at least you didnt fuck up your liver about a month ago lets just say i miscalculated my dose and took around 12gs of tylenol in a day
  16. 8-10 OC's a day? Not to be a dick, but I have to call BS on that one..
  17. i think i would have said f school.[/quote]

    i skipped and was late alot, and go into lots of trouble for it, my principal actually tried to get me to sign a contract once that ment i had to have perfect attendance, have my teacher sign my form when i enter class everytime, i wouldent be alloud to use the washroom during class, or i would be expelled, basicly i laughed in her face and asked if anyone actually ever signed one of those (only to find out like a month later one of my frineds had hahahah)

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