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Dude...wheres my !?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZarTheDragon, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I know all you :rolleyes: stoners lose shit while you're high. Some times things magically disappear to other dimensions and comeback when you least expect it like wtf.....well anyway.....
    Tell me the most recent thing you lost because of the buddha.


    dude...wheres my keys!?!?! just lost these motherfuckers...t'was heavily blunted....fuck... they'll pop up soon......:wave:
  2. I lost my keys the other day on a huge mission. Thank go they were bright as fuck. (rasta colors SHINE when I'm high) I've lost my sunglasses on my face, my hats on my head, my keys in my hand, my wallet in my pocket, my backpack on my back, it's pretty bad actually. I've lost my cat god knows ho many times, I'll bring him in my room, shut the door, and then BOOM he's gone. I think he likes fucking with me. I lost myself once if that counts. Fuckin salvia man.
  3. Got wayyyyyy to baked last week and was running arond my house looking for my glasses. Tossing couch cushions and pillows everywhere and after a while realized they were indeed on my face, I was just to numb to notice :smoking:
  4. After smoking some killer Hawaiian Kona I'm still looking for my cerebellum. Please PM me if you find it.
  5. hahahah this thread is funny.
  6. yeah few times when i got my water bottle with me ill put it somewhere and ill be on the computer and like 10 mins later im like dude where the fucks my water and look all around the house n shit only to find that it was actually on the chair i was sitting on the whole time.
  7. lol...they should put you in that Subaru commercial where that guy loses his glasses and makes his girlfriend drive to all the places they'd been that day only to find his sunglasses in his hood. :p
  8. ^^^ Yeahhhhh haha. Then when its time to go into that cave w/ the bats he looks at his girl with bloodshot eyes.. "Hell no i'm not going in there!"
  9. i spent a good hour looking for my lighter, turns out it was in the small sub-pocket of my jeans.... lol
  10. Dude...this one really tripped me OUT...

    I was staying at then "Quality Inn" (fancy I know) about a month ago with my boyfriend. I accidentally left my phone charger but I have a spare so I never went back or anything I was just like "oh well" and moved on whatever. About 2 weeks later we stay there again and we are of course in a different room, actually a completely different building than the last time.

    This is where it gets FREAKY...I wake up that morning look down and I see my OLD phone charger next to the nightstand, unplugged, like it had just been placed there by a some tricky ass poltergeist :eek:

    Anyway. I still have NO idea how that happened.
    We told the people at the front desk and they just kinda laughed and made a ghost joke.
    But I'm really still always going to wonder HOW IN THE FUCK my phone charger made its way back to me like that...


    I hate that!

  12. lol iv driven out 5 miles to just buy one to smoke the bowl i packed. :eek:
  13. There is something about lighters when you're high, they slip into the deepest darkest cracks and crevices of the universe only to reappear when you are sober...I cleaned my room once (after it was long overdue) and found about 36 lighters.

  14. Okay I'll share my stories. Normally I don't forget things, unless I do something out of the ordinary for me.

    I came home baked once and didn't want to be loud and suspicious so I hid my backpack under my van... couldn't find it the next day. Looked everywhere then came to the van again to look and remembered what I did the night before...

    Another time I lost my lighter. But the funny thing is I was certain before bed I was toking in my van and I put it in my backpack. I clearly remember doing that. However, I couldn't find it the next day! I thought my mom or dad took it. But why take the lighter when they could just take the BONGS or WEED that was there. later that day my friend found it in a chip back there.. the one place I would never look. I guess I had it in my hand and wanted some chips and realized it was still in my hand when I was going to get chips and just dropped it there..

    I lost my weed today. Well It wasn't in my bag again, and I was certain that it was there. However, unlike the lighter, It didn't turn up in a chip bag. My dad took it and made me flush it down the toilet or else he would call the police (not that I give 2 shits, but he threatened to "name" my friends to them, most of them had nothing to do with anything... so unwillingly I had to flush it down the toilet (only like maybe 1.2 g but it was killer) to save my friends. I don't care if I had to talk to the police but I didn't want them involved for nothing..

    Not necessarily losing something this time, but today I found a hershey's milkshake drink in my backpack. Totally forgot about it, I"m used to eating/drinking everything the same day but I stored it in another compartment for some reason.. fortunately it's been cold and it was in the van all night so it's still drinkable :)
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    I lost my oakley sunglasses at the beginning of summer and found them 5 mins ago when dropped a nug.. I was like oh hello there you beautiful sons-of-bitches.
  16. #17 irok, Oct 5, 2010
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    One time i "lost" my phone while i was on it with a friend. The worst part is that she played along and was like, "Oh yeah? Where did you last leave it?". So i tell her i have to hang up and call her back because i have to look for my phone. It wasn't until i used the phone as a flash light to look under my bed that i realized i was using it to talk to her and it had been in my hand the whole time. :smoke:
    When i called her back he was like, "Oh hey you found it?!"
    I was not amused :(
  17. Check the freezer, just trust me.:smoke:
  18. Another loser of lighters here.
  19. story of my life: dude wheres my car/phone/keys/drivers license/debit card/money/every freaking thing i own:eek::smoke:

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