dude what's up with this economy :confused:

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  1. :confused: what's up with this speculation driven market? any bad news and all of a sudden the DOW is down 500pts :confused:
  2. ...and then because people hear the news that the market went down they all trade their stocks.

    My plan regarding stocks:
    1. Wait until it all crashes
    2. Buy low
    3. Wait until it goes up, probably 5-10 years
    4. Sell high
    5. Live in a tropical paradise :hello:
  3. Whatever happens (bad) it's Bush's fault. Whatever happens (good) it's Obama's fault.

    Any questions? :laughing:

    In reality, we are fucked.
  4. I'm not into conspiracies or anything, but I'd imagine if we are in this mess someone must be living the life right?

  5. Anyone who benefits from cronyism in Washington DC.

    The Federal Reserve, Fed Member Banks, Wall Street, etc
    The Military Industrial Complex
    The Prison Industrial Complex
    Large Corporations who exploit the tax code, regulation, and collude with regulators
    Fat Cats
    Government officials and bureaucrats

    Essentially everyone except 'We The People'.

    "It's Called the American Dream Because You Have To Be Asleep to Believe It" - George Carlin

    Wake me up when this nightmare is over.... :smoke:
  6. The stock market isn't a good economic indicator. Numbers like unemployment, inflation, growth etc are what matter.

    Those are all shitty, and that's what made the markets react.
  7. forgive the ignorance, but how is the stock market not important? people work for these companies, we exchange goods with them.
  8. I just meant it's not a reliable economic indicator. People can panic during healthy economies, and act like drunk bulls during an economic collapse.

    Although in this instance they are acting rationally, IMO. Not sure why I brought any of this up though, now that I think about it.

  9. I wont tell you whats up with the economy but i will tell you to stock up on guns and ammo for the impending economic collapse


    lol but seriously its dones this before, now its because the U.S.'s credit rating is supposed to drop so wall street is shitting their pants right now :D
  10. The credit rating on the US treasury bonds is gonna go down quite a bit. Eventually the USD will lose its status as the world reserve currency, because other countries like china wont want to buy our debt (a rating agency in china just recently lowered our credit rating).

    essentially were fucked. Whats happened in greece will happen to the USA soon, and there will no longer be a middle class.
  11. Stable AAA bitches!

  12. Australia seemed to be doing pretty well when I visited for New Year 08/09.

    I must have timed it just right (accidentally of course) because I recall getting ~$1.50 AUD for $1 USD.

    As of today, I'd only get .95 AUD for $1 USD...has been as low .90. :eek:

  13. Feels good, don't it? :hello:
  14. I love how Congress has done nothing for the USPS, another quarter with losses and they say they will default on their payment to the government in September.

    Saturday mail should have been cut years ago.

    GG Congress, keep sitting on your hands.

    I'm not mad because I don't have family working for the USPS or anything. :rolleyes:
  15. The last time we had a situation like this, it was followed by WWI:(

  16. [​IMG]
  17. And WW2, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the gulf war, and all current wars. And that's just the short list.
  18. It does, Australia has tended to weather out these economic storms.
  19. *packs bags*

    I'm ready to run. :cool:

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