dude super cracked out on Judge Joe Brown.

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Aug 30, 2007.

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    daaamn he was messed up... nice for a crack head though
  2. hahaha, humina humina humina I need some crack joe rogan.
  4. like. ugh. i feel bad for the dumbass. crack is a terrible terrible thing. idk what's worse, selling the shit or being stupid enough to try it.
  5. Tyrone Biggums: Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it.

    420th post!!!
  6. lol that guy is hilarious yet the ending is kinda sad:( but that's life isn't it?
  7. thats the lords will!!
  8. i see nothing funny in this video. if a person suffering from an addiction and all the other shit hes been through is humorous to you guys, then i dont know why im even talking to you people on this forum. sure its funny to see someone who twitches every second and cant shut his mouth of nonsense. but look at him. hes just a 'fuck up' just like many of the people on this planet and you guys are laughing at it. and on top of that hes got what? 6 kids...6 kids without a real father and are probably living in the fucking ghetto just so they could grow up to be like him.

    not funny
  9. That's life, the most fucked up thing is, they'll send him to jail, not rehab, a jail. Do you think thats going to help much? It's unfortunate to see that kind of stuff.
  10. hahah funny crack head
  11. That's just awful. I was laughing at first, but that man will never get over that addiction. Ever! Think about it; he's going to go for life, have a relapse and probably die. That woman will have to feed 7 children and probably go into prostitution, conract an STD and die! Leaving 7 children alone in the ghetto. They'll grow up and according to statistics, 2 will live long enough to make it out of high school alive. Pardon my French, but WHAT THE FUCK!!!?!?!?!?!
  12. Anyone growing up in LR Arkansas that sold drugs bought from Tommy. He wasn't lieing, he never did crack when I knew him. Sad to see all that BS caught up with him. Trust me, most pple from AR aren't like that.
  13. I find it funny as shit, obviously he knows he has a problem, he was the one that decided first of all to go on tv which was mistake #1 then above that he got high before court mistake #2. Even if the second part was unavoidable, he should've had the common sense not to go on tv therefore it's his fault and we have no reason not to laugh at his ass.

  14. "funny as shit" is it "funny as shit" that his now 7 kids have no father figure in their lives and without that they might end up like him? grow up.
  15. "I know if you put Earth and Earth together. What do ya get?"

    Judge Joe Brown broke him and society's problem on this issue down quite nicely in the end, and if it wasn't for that "crackhead's" ability to comprehend and take to heart the Judge's words he would not have had such a genuinely emotional reaction. It is not the drug that has beaten this man down it has been his entire lifestyle, whether forced upon by society or himself that he began to hate and sought the only way he knew best to escape it. He has probably been making regrettable life decisions for a long time now... and getting as heavily into crack use as he has is a type of suicide, a suicide from the life you know and hate into one of pure euphoria.

    It is going to take understanding of this issue to help him. Sending him off to prison and perpetuating his life of poverty and criminality is the worst thing possible for this man. He needs to get into a rehab program and not one that just tells him he is a worthless human being fro his drug addiction but can help to see how it is having a negative affect on him and how he can fix these problems. And maybe it would help if he lived in a society that would give a person with a criminal record a chance, but he is forever stuck into a life of poverty or crime.

    And unfortunately, his religious beliefs (promoted by all the people labeling him a bad person) give him his only ground to stand on. He can blatantly lie about things and say, "God knows the truth." He can rationalize his drug problem every second of the day with, "Well, God put it here so I can smoke it." There's no way for all the people trying to "help him" (force him to be like them and not use any drug) to tell him that he's wrong because it would mean they have to question their own faith and God.

    And these people are guilty of the very same delusions of good and bad, and get preached by all their religious and political leaders that "Drugs are bad." With zero tolerance and understanding. If they could possibly have a gray area they could help this man, but if he does not quit cold-turkey and not be allowed the aid of any other drugs or medicine then he is instantly labeled uncooperative and kicked out of the Government sponsored zero tolerance zero understanding of what drugs and drug use really is policy created by capitalist businessmen. Hooray Prohibition! :hello:

  16. Grow up? First of all, his kids are better off without him, even if he wasn't addicted to crack. Second of all, this is how society is, if we can't laugh at it we can all live in depression, i choose not to. Third, as fucked up as it is, we need those bottom dwellers of society to make our capitalistic society work, if everyone had great lives and had money then there would be no rich and nothing to aspire to be. Maybe you wish for a more communistic society where everyone is on the same level and things are given to you but you know what? We don't have that. We have a society where you make your own choices and he made his. Yes, i stand by my decision to laugh at him, and at anyone that defends his actions.

    Maybe you have some growing up to do.
  17. i was going to say the same exact thing. Couldnt have said it better.
  18. Fixing the current capitalistic problem in America and throughout the whole world is to get back on a fiscal standard. By that, I mean like how the United States used to be on a Gold Standard up until I think 1933 when FDR signed into law the unFederal Reserve and thus allowing the United States to come full circle into being enslaved to a central banking scheme... the very thing the founding fathers revolted against with England's central banking scheme.

    Interest creates the need for people below the poverty line. It's a mathematical equation, it is the politician's and media's job in this country to make sure people here and throughout the whole world are below the poverty line to pay off the interest created by a central banking scheme.

    We need to get the world's economy backed by a real standard again, I recommend the Hemp Standard as it is the world's most abundant and useful resource. That way, everyone in every level of society can capitalize on the Earth's wealth, not other people's ability to produce... which is of course handicapped due to our most useful resource being, "against the law."
  19. Send the criminal to jail. Rehab doesn't help people like this. This is a hardened criminal with assault and robbery on his record. He is just perpetuating the black criminal stereotype.
  20. Hahaha TV never ceases to amaze me.

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