Dude saved me a ticket

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by B ran420, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So i'm late for work earlier today and im booking it, trying to make it on time when this guy in the oncoming lane flashes his lights at me. For a second i thought he was flashing his lights at me because i didn't have my lights on, but it was in the day.......:confused::confused::confused:

    So my next thought was he was flashing his lights since there was a speed trap ahead because i know i flash my lights for people if i see one. So i slow down to the speed limit since i was doing about ten over and sure as shit, there was a speed trap.

    If it wasn't for that guy though, i would've for sure gotten stopped. Pretty cool of him, and he saved me for being even more late for work.
  2. I always let people know. And I'm greatful when people return the favor. Congrats on not getting a ticket!
  3. Hell yeah man good karma for that guy. I always shine my brights at people if I know there is a cop, just the good thing to do..
  4. Yea dude ive had my ass saved from random people helping me out too.

    Karmas paying you back and me when i get saved. I always do it whenever i see a cop and see someone whos gunna get bagged comin at me.

    Just the right thing to do keep doing it and itll keep comin round ;)
  5. Dude I've been driving for like 2 years doing it for everyone I could and just the other day i was re-payed with karma lol. The lady saved my ass she flashed and i slowed down i was flying cause I was trying to get to the store before it closed and there sure as hell was a cop speed checking So awesome.
  6. just speed right past em#
  7. One time I was speeding down the freeway, doing like 85ish in a 65, and the guy behind me is riding right up on my bumper. I'm about ready to signal and move out of the left lane so he can pass when I notice that I just passed a cop with his radar gun out.

    I let off the gas thinking that I'm done for, when all of a sudden the dude behind me swerves into the middle lane, passes me, then hops back into the left and zooms onward. Just around the bend a motorcycle cop flips his lights on and pulls him over.

    I got lucky that time. I don't speed anymore either.
  8. Be careful when you flick your high-beams, though. My girlfriend got pulled over for trying to warn someone once.

  9. Damn that sucks. Ive heard stories where cops are starting to stake out in two spots. One to catch speeders and the other to see who warns people about it. Fuckers.

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